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Timing the Leap: When to Migrate from SAP RLM to Field Logistics

Timing the Leap: When to Migrate from SAP RLM to Field Logistics
SAP RLM to SAP Field Logistics

When exploring the transition to Field Logistics or assessing the timeline and strategy for moving away from Remote Logistics, several pertinent questions arise for SAP ERP owners, Product owners or IT decision-makers.

  • When should SAP companies running SAP RLM migrate to Field Logistics?
  • How does SAP Field Logistics transform business operations?
  • What are the integration capabilities of SAP Field Logistics with existing SAP ecosystems?
  • How can we assess the impact of SAP Field Logistics on our Remote Logistics process?
  • What known impacts should companies look for when deciding to switch?
  • How can we seamlessly transition to SAP Field Logistics?

This blog addresses such common concerns and questions among SAP leaders regarding the implementation and advantages of SAP Field Logistics compared to SAP RLM. Additionally, it offers insights into the strategic planning required for a smooth transition from SAP RLM to SAP Field Logistics.

When should SAP companies running SAP RLM migrate to Field Logistics?

SAP's Remote Logistics Management (SAP RLM) is a compatibility pack within the S/4HANA environment, set to lose mainstream support by the end of 2025. To avoid potential disruptions and ensure a smooth transition, businesses are advised to migrate to Field Logistics in 2024.

This proactive approach provides ample time for users to adapt to the new system, leveraging its enhanced capabilities and ensuring continuity in logistics operations without the pressure of an impending support deadline.

To understand the major advantages of transforming from RLM to Field Logistics, you can explore in-depth here.

How does SAP Field Logistics transform business operations?

SAP Field Logistics introduces the key process improvements and efficiency gains that businesses can expect by adopting, such as

  • Improved supply planning between base and remote locations
  • Enhanced stock visibility at remote sites
  • Streamlined monitoring of supplier and rental items, including crucial tracking information.

It also effectively tracks non-stock materials and reallocates unused project or maintenance order materials back to stock. This solution is a comprehensive upgrade from the traditional Remote Logistics Management (RLM), incorporating additional features.

Additionally, it incorporates intelligent features directly into applications, such as advanced container and label scanning capabilities.

What are the integration capabilities of SAP Field Logistics with existing SAP ecosystems?

SAP Field Logistics is designed to leverage existing functionalities across other modules in the SAP ecosystem, enhancing integration and usability.

For instance, the Direct Procurement Cross Docking scenario utilises the cross-docking feature from Extended Warehouse Management. This showcases the seamless integration capabilities of SAP Field Logistics within the SAP ecosystem. Like RLM, it integrates natively with the Asset Management module, which acts as the driver for the Supply Processes and compliments the Material Requirements Planning with improved Supply Processes.

What are known impacts that companies should look for to make the switch?

Shifting Focus: Embracing Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Post-2025

Given that Warehouse Management (WM) is no longer a strategic focus for SAP and will lose support after December 2025, shifting towards Stock Room Management, SAP Field Logistics now integrates solely with Inventory Management (IM) and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) to be future proof aligned with SAP roadmap.

SAP Field Logistics for Enhanced Outbound Processes

SAP RLM, integrated with Logistics Execution-Transportation (LE-TRA), utilises Shipments for outbound processes from the base to remote locations. In contrast, SAP Field Logistics does not align with LE-TRA as it is transitioning to SAP Transportation Management. This shift is due to LE-TRA's status as a compatibility pack in SAP S/4HANA, earmarked for replacement. SAP Field Logistics offers a more streamlined solution for managing Voyages to remote locations.

Fiori-Exclusive Access

Field logistics apps are available only in Fiori and cannot be accessed in GUI transactions.

How can AG help you assess the impact of SAP Field Logistics for your Remote Logistics process?

AG has performed design and impact assessments for existing and prospective clients utilising Remote Logistics in their current SAP environment. We have conducted ‘Fit to Standard’ workshops to identify and compare the functionalities between the current process and Field Logistics.

Here is how we have categorised the functionalities or processes:

Customised functionalities are proposed with a “Clean core” approach focusing on ‘Key User’ and ‘Developer extensibility,' enabled within Field Logistics. The insights offered a comprehensive framework for meticulously planning the transition to Field Logistics.

How can a smooth transition to SAP Field Logistics be achieved?

As mentioned earlier, conducting a thorough assessment beforehand is essential to fully understand the impacts and changes, making the implementation or transition process much smoother.

Data migration requires careful attention, especially since there is no direct path from RLM to Field Logistics for ongoing transactions. A structured approach to data migration, focusing on impacted objects and business rules, is vital.

Ultimately, active involvement from the business side is crucial and plays a significant role in ensuring the success of the transition.

What can AG do for your Field Logistics transition?

AG, as SAP Gold Partner along with proven experience in Offshore Logistics, we have supported our clients on:

  • 1Field Logistics - New Implementation
  • 2Migration from RLM to Field Logistics
  • 3Field Logistics - Assessment and Process Redesign


If you are eager to delve deeper into each supply process and versioning, we invite you to check out our webinar replay on 'Transform your Remote Logistics with SAP's Field Logistics Solution.' We are happy to show you first-hand how these processes can optimise your operations.

Charting a Strategic Transition

Migrating from SAP RLM to Field Logistics is a strategic move aligning with the future SAP roadmap. The exclusive availability of Field Logistics apps in Fiori enhances user engagement and efficiency. Timing is crucial for migration strategies to future-proof logistics operations and drive efficiency.

Contact us to embark on this strategic leap for sustained success in logistics transformation.