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SAP Mobile Asset Management


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Getting the right information to your workers at the right time can be a challenge, especially when they are working in remote locations. A typical day starts with the workers visiting a central location to obtain their list of jobs for the day or week. Once issued with their work orders, time is often spent searching, printing and sorting work instructions, drawings and results from sheets, at the end of the day they spend time filling out paperwork. This is wasted time when they could be out maintaining important equipment.
Asset Manager (AM) is SAP’s own mobile application built to enhance the EAM area. It has been modified to work with AG’s own Smart Inspections solution so inspections can be carried out in the field in real-time without needing paper, allowing the office-based team to react quickly to any issues.It operates on both iOS and Android platforms using the latest functionality of touch screen smart devices such as Near Field Communication (NFC), allowing readings of RFID tag information in the field. It manages items such as Notifications, Work Orders and spare parts/materials – all from a tablet or a smart phone.
When it comes to Asset Manager or any mobile EAM product, every company has varying and bespoke needs.  These variations hold the key to efficiencies at the grass-route level. At AG, we have formulated three implementation options for SAP Asset Manager. Based on your business requirements, we will recommend a suitable option and work with you on your implementation. Backed with recognised expertise in SAP EAM, AG can empower you with connectivity, accuracy of data and improved efficiency.

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Key Features

SAP's Mobile Working Solution

  • Data is kept in SAP - right where it belongs - without the need for any duplication or complex interfaces.
  • Single-source of truth offering consistent information, whether viewing  it in ECC or S4/HANA desktop solution, on a Mobile Tablet or Smartphone running iOS, or Android software.
  • Secure in SAP - ensures all user access, roles & authorisation protocols are followed, as well as any errors that may be initiated.
  • Activities are logged and stored in SAP directly using desktop access.

Part of the SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) Suite

  • A pathway to Maintenance Excellence.
  • Easily deployed using Cloud-based technology without the need for additional servers or complex interfaces. 
  • Reduces IT investment, and a move to the framework of Operational budgets.
  • Reduces complexity & implementation time for a quicker uptake on the mobile solution for increased reliability and cost savings.

Standard SAP PM Functionality - Placed Directly in Your Workers' Hands

  • Easy Notification creation sent directly to the equipment when the details are entered.
  • Using the Smartphone or tablet in-built features to easily scan QR codes or read RFID chips ensures all information is quickly obtained.

  • All information available to-hand: work instructions, procedures, drawings, tools and materials synchronised within Asset Manager to enable access even when off-line.

  • Easily enter time confirmations and work order completions, giving schedulers current visibility of work status and monitor progress throughout the shift.

Works with AG's Smart Inspections Solution

  •  Provides the ability to manage complex inspection needs for a variety of reasons.  
  • Results for inspections are easily entered there and then, with a pass or fail state being determined straight away, using your pre-defined limits.
  • Upon a failure, a notification is immediately created, allowing the technician to enter all the details, and add photographs on site.
  • Once submitted, this is immediately available to the planner, along with notes and pictures, so the corrective actions to repair the item can be planned straight away.


Filterable Reports

Customised, pre-defined, & configurable reports

Visibility of historic trends

Generate reports and perform in-depth analysis

Reduce Breakdowns

Improved asset utilisation for overall equipment effectiveness

Live Data

Deeper insights to enable data-driven business decisions

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