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'Out of the Box' SAP Process Mining - Proof of Value Package


Experience enhanced process efficiency, identify poorly performing processes, and gain critical insights in just 4 weeks using SAP Signavio Process Mining tool and AG's Proof of Value Package. 

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Executive Summary

SAP Process Mining | Proof of Value Package

AG's Proof of Value Package is an 'Out of the Box' Process Mining Solution offering a combination of SAP Signavio Process Insights and SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. The POV Package can seamlessly integrate into your SAP System to effortlessly extract data, log into pre-built KPIs, to receive valuable process recommendations that empower your employees and prioritise strategic work.

As an SAP Gold Partner with a proven track record of providing 'Out of the Box' SAP Process Mining, SAP Process Insights and SAP Process Intelligence solutions. We offer unparalleled expertise in optimising your processes and analysing real-time data to provide you with actionable insights. 

AG's Proof of Value Package offers a unique approach to extracting actionable insights from your business processes, leveraging our plug-and-play tools. With our extensive knowledge of the SAP Signavio Suite of Tools, we are dedicated to maximising the potential of your SAP investment. 

Key Features

Process Discovery

Gain real-time insights into the actual 'as-is' processes in your SAP.

Process Conformance

Ensure seamless mapping of the 'as-is' data to a predefined 'to-be' process.

Process Recommendations

Get data-driven improvements and suggestions for quick results

Process Performance

Monitor overall process efficiency and address the critical bottlenecks


Pre-built process models and KPIs can instantly analyse your SAP data.

Quick Implementation

Get the POV package in just 4 weeks with pre-built process recommendations

Get game-changing insights with AG's POV pack

With AG's Proof of Value Pack for 'Out of the Box' Process Mining and Modelling, you can:

  • Easily identify potential root causes of unmet KPI's and process issues.
  • Gain instant process improvements and recommendations to resolve inefficiencies.
  • Get immediate actionable insights into your SAP processes.
  • Achieve greater cost savings in a shorter timeframe to optimise your business processes.
Our expert team can provide insightful process recommendations that are strategically aligned with your business priorities and designed to maximise your ROI. AG's expertise in the Signavio suite of tools, combined with our Proof of Value package for 'Out of the Box' Process Mining, is tailored to align with your overarching strategy and propel substantial improvements in your processes.

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Creating Business Value with SAP Process Mining

AG Proof of Value Package

Explore our out-of-the-box solution which can be seamlessly integrated with your SAP system,  extracting data, aligning it with pre-built KPIs. Get instant process improvements and recomendations for your unique process landscape in just 4 weeks.

SAP Process Insights

Gain immediate visibility with fast insights, automated data extraction, thorough analysis, and actionable recommendations within hours. Connect seamlessly to your SAP ERP application in less than 24 hours and unlock the potential of SAP Process Insights for profitable results.

SAP Process Insights

Key Benefits

We offer practical, proven solutions that elevate customer convenience.


Optimised Teams

Save annually (equivalent to     2+ Full-Time Employees)


Rapid Deployment

    Fast implementation within      4 weeks


Business Savings

Cost reduction ranging from 20% - 40%


Pre-built Processes

    Maximum Results,       Minimal Client Effort

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