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EAM Assessment

AG's EAM Services & Assessment offering is a comprehensive and in-depth examination of your SAP EAM solution, aiming to highlight improvement areas based on every organisation's unique SAP EAM solution landscape and journey.
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Our tried and trusted approach to SAP EAM Assessment is based on three primary principles:
  • ISO/Industry Standards: Assessment compares current SAP Solutions and the practices around it against relevant Industry and ISO standards such as ISO 55001, ISO 14224
  • SAP's Standard Practices: EAM Assessment also establishes 'deviations' from recommended SAP best practices.
  • Organizations Guidelines/Rules: Every organisation is unique in some form; AG's EAM Assessment factors are in the evaluation process and for improvement recommendations.

Key Deliverables - Our 6-week SAP EAM Assessment comes with 3 KEY Deliverables.

1.Health Report of the Current Solution

The health report highlights the problems within the current SAP EAM Solution. In addition to looking into SAP Functional EAM Solution, we investigate SAP Master Data and essential functions connected to Maintenance Operations and Asset Management such as Planning, Scheduling and Reliability Engineering. The report we produce rates each function, data element and process on a high, medium, and low-impact scale, highlighting the impact on business operations.

2.Improvement Recommendations

Health Report is followed by recommendations to improve the mentioned 'weaknesses' in SAP solutions, Data or Processes. These could be a combination of SAP Solution Improvements, Implementation of SAP Products, and SAP EAM Data Builds for Improvements to Business/SAP Practices. All improvements are provided with a priority order highlighting the dependencies as well.

3.Improvement Plan

In AG, we firmly believe in a 'pragmatic' approach and short to mid-term wins to achieve the organisation's long-term goals. That's why we prioritise the improvement recommendations and put them into an execution plan. This will allow the clients to execute them and reap tangible benefits every step of the way.

Additional Assessment Options

AG's EAM Assessment also comes with GROUP ASSESSMENTs for 'bigger' organisations to highlight discrepancies/gaps in SAP Practices & NON-Standard' local habits' among different COUNTRIES/SITES/PLANTS, undermining IT & Business Growth. AG also offers. S4 HANA READINESS Assessment, SAP CLOUD Migration Assessment & BTP & Services Assessments. 

Provided below is an extract from one of our EAM Assessment reports

eam asssessment report preview

3 Key Stats from Our Last Year's Assessment


of companies have problems with MASTER DATA. They varied from Asset Hierarchy to Maintenance Strategies to Detailed Work Instructions.


of companies don't use SAP EAM in the 'right way'.This ranges from inefficient SAP usage, 'localised habits' or lack of 'fit-to-purpose' solutions.


Companies need help with PLANNING & SCHEDULING. Strangely, 52% had IT tools to 'do the job'.

Who Benefits from AG's EAM Assessment ?


Organisations that look to Improve SAP EAM Solutions/Practices

Many of our assessments have been requested from companies with problems using SAP EAM (e.g. SAP PM, Material Sourcing, Scheduling tools, and Reporting tools). The assessment report highlights all the 'problematic' areas regardless of whether it's connected to SAP Solutions, Data or 'user practices' & Processes. The Improvement Plan guides how to overcome the problems. Quite often, our assessment highlights issues that the Maintenance, Asset Management and Reliability Engineering team have never known about, such as Maintenance Planners' diluting' their responsibility with other tasks as part of organisational processes, Data feeds from Technicians in the field not coming through and Over Maintenance of noncritical assets.


Companies who look for S4 Transformations

Rightly so, many SAP companies are 'drawing plans' to move to S4. S4 HANA opens up a 'Technology Platform'; hence, an organisation's Maintenance & Asset Management function could reap benefits from this move, however, whether you are positioning yourself right to reap them. For example, recent EAM Assessments highlighted 60 – 80 % of the clients don't have their Master Data set up correctly to support SAP which undermines the benefits of S4 HANA Move. Hence our Improvement Plans highlighted what actions to take to get the best out of S4 HANA moves. We also produce a 'pragmatic' implementation plan so that not everything needs to be done 'before HANA'. The most important point is 'you will know what to do and when.


Maintenance Departments who constantly struggle to come out of 'Reactive Maintenance Cycles

We all know and understand most companies need help to break through from reactive maintenance. We often find investments made on state-of-the-art tools such as Scheduling Tools and Mobile solutions not getting to that magical ratio of Reactive to Proactive maintenance. AG's EAM Assessment let you know where the problem is. We have recently delivered an Engineering Data rebuild for a client to improve the mentioned problem, which came as an improvement item in the Assessment Report.


Companies who want to invest in Mobile Solutions or new Technologies

Especially over the last 18 months, we have seen companies requesting assessment before making strategic IS decisions such as 'moving to the cloud' or 'implementing a mobile solution for Technicians/Field Forces. The benefit all such clients got from AG's assessment is 'context' to strengthen the business case or the correct information to delay the decision. This helped them to make an informed decision to get the best ROI.


Multi-Site International Organizations need help for standardisation & Consistency in SAP EAM Usage across different sites

Standardisation and Consistency are essential for adopting any IT Solution, and SAP is no exception. We performed 'groupwide' SAP EAM Assessments, usually benchmarking the most important sites to others producing improvement plans for the central organisation and individual sites. The feedback we got is the improvement in the ability to report companies' performance & clarity, cost saving on removing non-value-adding software applications and increased efficiency on centralised functions such as training and succession planning

Some of our customers

Our Approach for EAM Assessments

Our industry-proven approach to EAM Assessments is geared to get you from 'where you are' to 'where you want to be' regarding the Maintenance Maturity Model. In our experience, this requires SAP Expertise, Business Process knowledge, and Industry Expertise. That's precisely what AG brings in..! 
A team of multi-disciplinary experts who produces a roadmap to get you there. Our well-established project standards and protocols ensure the clients only need to spend minimum time providing us with the necessary information supporting the exercise.

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