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SAP Build Apps

Drag, drop, innovate! SAP Build Apps for code-free web and mobile app development.

As a leading SAP Gold Partner, we enable businesses to create enterprise-ready apps and automate day-to-day mission-critical processes with drag-and-drop simplicity and no coding platform.

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SAP Build Apps to Experience Next-Level Efficiency

In today's competitive landscape, businesses worldwide face a common dilemma: doing more with fewer resources while staying resilient and adaptable for future growth, especially when building an app without code. Customer demands are evolving rapidly, pushing companies to find innovative ways to boost productivity, often turning to user-friendly solutions that don't require extensive coding. Adding to the complexity are the intricate IT setups many organisations grapple with.

Enter SAP Build's suite of low-code tools, the best no code app builder and a true game-changer in the development and automation sphere. With SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation, and SAP Build Work Zone, businesses can be empowered to effortlessly create and enhance enterprise apps, automate critical processes, and design user-friendly business sites—all through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

At AG, our SAP Build Apps redefine the standard approach to development. We're here to transform how you add value, handle operations, and solve problems like . Our expertise ensures your solutions are delivered faster and more effectively, giving your business the edge to meet swiftly client needs in this fast-paced world.
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Accelerating Real-Time Business Excellence with SAP Build Apps

Empower Your Enterprise with Effortless App Development

Uncover the incredible power of SAP Build Apps to help your business experts efficiently create custom solutions. Simultaneously, boost the productivity of your professional developers. Propel your business towards its objectives by advancing your digital transformation and improving visibility and transparency.

Explore practical scenarios/ use-cases, highlighting the influence of SAP Build Apps across different business areas, such as sourcing, procurement, supply chain management, sales, customer service, human experience management, IT, and finance.

Embark on a journey toward streamlined, impactful innovation!

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Discover the seamless synergy between SAP Build Apps and SAP Build Process Automation for an efficient invoice processing solution.

Initiating with the requestor scanning or uploading the invoice through a custom-built App in SAP Build Apps sets off a streamlined workflow in SAP Build Process Automation. This workflow extracts essential data from the uploaded invoice. Subsequently, the system identifies the appropriate approver and notifies them for approval. Finally, the requestor receives prompt notification regarding the approval or rejection status of their invoice.

With the intuitive drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates, AG's Automation experts can simplify app creation and reduce development time and costs. SAP Build Apps can seamlessly integrate with other SAP solutions and third-party systems, creating a unified ecosystem that provides a comprehensive view of your business operations. Moreover, SAP Build Apps are built to scale, accommodating your evolving business needs without compromising performance or functionality.

Partner with us to embark on your digital transformation journey with SAP Build Apps as your catalyst for success.

Key Benefits

Drag-And-Drop Simplicity

Develop tailored enterprise apps seamlessly using drag-and-drop simplicity.

Low-Code/ No-Code Solutions

Construct code-free cloud services and learn how to create an app code free.

Seamless Integration

Integrate securely to SAP and non-SAP solutions with pre-built components.

Intuitive User Interface

Visualise data models and business logic effortlessly.

The AG Advantage

Efficiency Amplification

Experience a surge in operational efficiency as we help you streamline your processes, automate workflows, and boost productivity across the board with the power of SAP Build Apps.

Customisation at Your fingertips

Tailor applications precisely to your business needs. Our consultation services guide you in leveraging SAP Build Apps' customization capabilities, ensuring your apps align perfectly with your requirements.

Future-Ready Solutions

Stay ahead in the digital landscape with future-proof solutions. We empower scalability and adaptability, ensuring your systems evolve with your business needs.

Seamless Integration

Our expert SAP Consultation team ensures seamless integration of SAP Build Apps into your existing systems with other SAP applications for empowered process-flow. Say goodbye to complexities and welcome a unified, streamlined architecture.

Code-Free Innovation

With SAP Build Apps, unlock a realm of innovation without the need for intricate coding. We empower your team to develop robust web and mobile applications effortlessly.

Expertise, Guidance, Support

Benefit from our seasoned SAP consultants' expertise. From implementation to ongoing support, our team stands by you, providing guidance and support at every step of the integration process.

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