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SAP Conversational AI


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Learn how SAP Conversational AI can benefit your business and discover the use cases that produce the fastest ROI.

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Revolutionise user experiences with chatbots.

SAP Conversational AI service is the end-to-end, low-code chatbot platform developed for the enterprise. This allows you to build, train, test, connect and monitor AI-powered chatbots in a single interface to simplify and streamline user experiences and business tasks across SAP and third-party solutions.
As a leading SAP Gold Partner, we can advise you on automating and integrating your business operations with other SAP solutions, making it effortless for existing SAP users or non-SAP users to get started. With additional machine learning solutions from SAP, including SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation and SAP Leonardo Machine Learning, your intelligent enterprise is set to revolutionise the customer experience. Enable your organisation to create more personalised customer experiences at scale with SAP Conversational AI. This platform contains four distinctive capabilities in one unique interface:
  • Bot Training functions with proprietary, multilingual NLP technology that analyses text inputs in any language to improve user experience.
  • Bot Builder allows users to effortlessly build powerful conversational flows with collaboration and fine-tuning options.
  • Bot Connector combines chatbots seamlessly with any SAP solution, external communication channels, and back-end systems.
  • Bot Analytics enables users to understand how their customers are interacting with the chatbot, so they can enhance the user experience based on accumulated data
AG’s success comes from both our in-depth SAP technical expertise combined with our extensive knowledge of industry-specific application alignment to bespoke business processes. 
If you’re interested in learning more about SAP conversational AI capabilities and how to apply them to your business, we can schedule a meeting with one of our ‘ industry-specific’ technical experts to advise on potential solutions

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