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SAP EAM Calibration Solutions

SAP offers Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions that encompass various functionalities to manage and maintain assets within an organisation.

Calibration is a crucial aspect of asset management, particularly in industries that rely on precise measurements and accurate instrumentation. It ensures that measurement equipment is accurate and reliable, thus maintaining the quality and consistency of products and processes.

The product offering includes the latest solutions from SAP and AG's own inventions to complement SAP Solutions.

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Key Features

SAP EAM solutions may include features and capabilities related to calibration management.

Here's an overview of how SAP EAM can be used for calibration solutions:

1. Calibration Management Module:
SAP EAM might include a dedicated module or functionality for calibration management. This module is designed to help organisations schedule, track, and manage the calibration activities of their measurement equipment and instruments.

2. Equipment Master Data:
Within the SAP EAM system, you can maintain a comprehensive database of all your measurement equipment and instruments. This includes equipment specifications, calibration schedules, historical calibration data, and maintenance records.

3. Calibration Scheduling:
The solution allows you to schedule calibration activities based on equipment type, usage frequency, and regulatory requirements. This ensures that calibration tasks are performed at appropriate intervals to maintain accuracy.

4. Work Orders and Notifications:
SAP EAM can generate work orders or notifications for calibration tasks. Technicians are alerted when calibration is due, and they can follow standardised procedures to perform calibrations.

5. Mobile Capabilities:
Mobile applications integrated with SAP EAM can enable technicians to perform on-site calibrations using handheld devices. They can input calibration results directly into the system, improving accuracy and efficiency.

6. Document Management:
Calibration certificates, calibration procedures, and other related documents can be stored within the SAP EAM system. This ensures easy access to documentation for compliance and audit purposes.

7. Integration with Maintenance and Quality Management:
Calibration is often closely tied to maintenance and quality management processes. SAP EAM can integrate with other SAP modules like SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) and SAP Quality Management (QM) to ensure a holistic approach to asset management.

8. Data Analysis and Reporting:
SAP EAM provides reporting and analytics capabilities to track the performance of calibrated equipment, monitor calibration deviations, and analyse historical calibration data for trends and improvements.

9. Regulatory Compliance:
For industries subject to regulatory standards (such as ISO 17025), SAP EAM can assist in maintaining compliance by ensuring that calibration activities adhere to the required standards.

Key Benefits


SAP EAM allows organisations to schedule regular integrity checks based on asset type, usage, and maintenance history.

Deployed in Minimum Time

Seamlessly expand your operations and accommodate increasing demands without compromising performance or efficiency.

Data Analysis

The collected data is analysed to determine trends, anomalies, and possible areas of concern. This analysis helps in making informed decisions about maintenance or repair activities.

Data Collection

Technicians can collect data during integrity checks using mobile devices or other tools. This data is then entered into the SAP system for analysis.

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EAM Implementation Process

1) Assessment

AG's product implementation approach starts with a free readiness assessment. Here we usually assess the Business Process around planning, execution and reporting/analysis.

This will allow us to advise on potential 'process refinements needed', which usually occur parallel to the rest of the project activities.

2) Implementation

Here at AG, we follow SAP's proven 'Activate Methodology' and AG's proven governance model, designed to get all the necessary stakeholders involved at the right time.

The model involved weekly progress calls with progress reports and monthly steer-co meetings with project sponsors/owners.

3) Embedding/Adoption

The mentioned stakeholder engagement approach has proven to ensure successful project delivery and go-live and successful user adoption to derive the intended ROIs.

The implementation also includes a well-structured training program targetting all user groups, such as Maintenance Technicians, Team Lead, Master Data Maintainers and Management (for analytics). 

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