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SAP Data Management

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The challenge with SAP data

Many companies start appreciating the value of good SAP data when they realise that it can be a potent source of competitive advantage. However, realising its benefits is far from straightforward.

Inconsistences can often arise between real-world and digital data, making reliable business insights almost impossible to achieve. But that’s not all. Bad SAP data can also lead to serious operational issues that must be avoided.

What AG Consultancy provides

Here at AG, we provide you with the expertise to evaluate your current data model against accredited data standards, industry best practise or business defined standards. We empower you with a roadmap that helps you achieve greater accuracy, integrity and quality with your SAP data, increasing your confidence in reliable business data and improving your ability to make well informed business decisions and present data on demand to any relevant parties.

Our approach to SAP Data

With deep expertise in SAP along with specialist tools and experience across multiple industry sectors, AG Consultancy are best placed to guide you through the process of improving and maintaining SAP data quality.

Whether this is driven by the prospect of improved reporting and insights, or improving your business operations with less of a gap between SAP and business processes, we can help you find the best solution.

Once SAP data quality has been achieved, we can also support the innovative introduction of next-generation technologies such as AI, Robot Process Automation (RPA) and predictive analytics, all of which are crucial in giving your business a competitive advantage.

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Solution Benefits

Quality Outcomes

Instil a lean culture, so you can do more with less.

Improved Governance

Reduce errors with data and process governance.


Embed efficiency, integration, automation & governance.

Meaningful Insights

Readily accessible and reliable analytics.

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