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The global leader in ERP software with 300,000+ customers globally. SAP is the central core around almost everything we do.

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Prides itself as an inventor and visionary in SAP Data Management and are a growing force in the SAP Ecosystem.

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Consistently one of Garter’s top quartile Leaders for Analytics, Qlik are best known for their leading data aggregation capability.

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SAP’s data modelling, warehousing, and reporting tool and the de-facto option for large scale or complex SAP enterprise reporting.

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SAP Global Track

With SAP Global Track and Trace, you can get real-time insights into the availability of materials and products to reduce supply chain risks.



Widely recognised as the leading Robotic Process Automation toolset. AG are a premier UiPath partner – incl. providing BPO services.

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An emerging, yet proven provider of SAP Mobility Software with key strengths in SAP EAM. AG are Sigga’s leading UK partner.

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Tableau (2)


Consistently featured in Gartner’s Leader for Analytics top quartile, Tableau is best known for its intuitive and powerful Self-Service Analytics.

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sap ariba

SAP Ariba

With SAP Ariba spend management solutions, you can digitalize and streamline all your operations end-to-end on a single, integrated platform in the cloud.

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SAP Business Networks

SAP Business Network enables you to collaborate with all trading partners in your supply chain, including suppliers, logistics and services providers, asset operators, maintenance contractors, and more.


Microsoft Azure

The leading Enterprise Cloud Platform for building, deploying and managing applications (incl. SAP infrastructure hosting).

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Microsoft Power BI

The other top 3 Gartner’s top quartile Leaders for Analytics, Power BI is best known for its native integration with all things Microsoft.

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Winshuttle Studio is one of the most successful toolsets in the SAP Ecosystem with 2,000+ customers. AG are the leading UK Winshuttle Partner. learn more about Winshuttle Studio.

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SAP Concur

SAP Concur

SAP Concur provides an integrated online and mobile business travel and expense management software that automates your travel expenses.

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Working with AG

At AG we are solution engineers. What this means is that we are experts across a variety of disciplines and are able to pick the technologies that are most suited to solve specific business challenges. Our approach is open and objective – we don’t force-fit particular tools. We strive to keep abreast of the latest technologies and new ways of integrating or utilising what’s proven.

At AG we approach any initiative with a proven methodical approach, yet we keep an open mind on the method or tools best suited to achieve the best outcome. This allows us to deliver smart, highly effective and robust solutions in complex areas for some of the most successful businesses. AG select their technology partners based on common traits such as: pedigree, market leadership, engagement model, agility and flexibility. We add significant value by integrating and innovating these technologies to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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Built-in data quality & process assurances.


Gain reliable insights from data & process rigour

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Multiple savings and increased scalability


Exceptional business case and tangible results

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