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SAP Artificial Intelligence
Your Trusted Partner in AI Business Services

We help you in the process of configuring, integrating, and deploying SAP Business AI within your established SAP landscape.

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Executive Summary

Transforming Ideas into Exceptional Solutions!

In today's dynamic business environment, organisations require innovative solutions to drive growth and operational efficiency. SAP Business AI is a cornerstone of intelligent transformation, empowering businesses to navigate complexities and seize opportunities, all seamlessly integrated within the SAP ecosystem.

Here at AG, we help you decode the insights from SAP Business AI to pave the way for informed decision-making, strategic planning, and a competitive edge in an ever-evolving market.

We empower you to:

  • Make data-driven decisions with confidence using AI insights that are relevant to your industry and business context.
  • React quickly to changing market conditions and opportunities.
  • Get started quickly with pre-trained AI models for common business problems.

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Leverage the transformative power of RPA and AI for SAP with AG's ready-to-deploy Automation Solutions.

Join us on July 9, 2024 (9 AM - 12 PM) for our exclusive "Breakfast & Build a Bot in 30-Mins" workshop at AG, Slough! Enjoy a delicious breakfast spread while learning to build your own automated bot using cutting-edge RPA & AI technology.

AG as Finalist in SAP's Hack2Build for Generative AI!


AG Earns the Finalist Badge in SAP's Hack2Build Challenge on March 7, 2024, for Generative AI using SAP BTP.

The Hack2Build Challenge empowered AG to be part of the collaborative effort facilitated by SAP AI product engineering .

AG was honoured to be part of SAP's collaborative Hack2Build Challenge, facilitated by SAP AI product engineering and SAP Partner Ecosystem Success. During this co-innovation journey, AG is proud to have received the Hack2Build Finalist Badge from the SAP on March 7, 2024.

Designing Working Prototypes Using Generative AI:

Embracing customer-centric ideas, AG accelerated the development and commercialisation of generative AI solutions using the SAP BTP platform.

During the intensive 'Hackathon Phase,' AG seized the opportunity to design, build and demonstrate working prototype solutions to leverage the team's expertise in developing practical applications for addressing contemporary & future business challenges. The team also tapped into the full potential of these innovations, engaging in detailed presentations and discussions to highlight how these prototypes could revolutionise business operations.

Eventually, this opportunity has paved the way for AG to actively collaborate with SAP on building groundbreaking products in future endeavours.

The AG Advantage

Customisation Expertise

We specialise in tailoring SAP AI solutions to fit unique business requirements, offering bespoke configurations and customisations that align closely with client needs.

Industry-Specific Focus

We offer specialised AI solutions tailored to the nuances and challenges of particular sectors, providing a competitive advantage in delivering industry-specific AI applications.

Innovative Problem Solving

Our thirst for innovative thinking transforms challenges into opportunities, optimising supply chains with cutting-edge technologies and strategies.

Collaborative Approach

We become an extension of your team, collaborating closely to understand your business intricacies, enhance your operations, and co-create solutions that integrate seamlessly.

Proven Track Record

We have a strong track record of developing and implementing cutting-edge AI algorithms and models within the SAP ecosystem to leverage AI functionalities.

Agile Solutions

We emphasise agility in our SAP AI offerings, ensuring adaptability to changing business landscapes and enabling seamless integration with diverse systems and processes.

Joule Services

AG's Expertise in Configuring Joule for your Business Excellence

  • Joule Implementation and Integration: Facilitating seamless data migration, configuration, and integration with various business applications.
  • Continuous Joule Support: Addressing technical challenges promptly and providing insights into Joule's functionalities.
  • Tailored Joule Training: Customising Joule's knowledge with industry-specific data sets to deliver precise and tailored responses for clients within that particular sector.

Our Expertise in Related Services

Technology Partnerships


SAP Gold Partner

Recognised by SAP to have the in-house expertise to maintain exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, solution quality, and service delivery.



Widely recognised as the leading Robotic Process Automation toolset. AG are a premier UiPath partner – incl. providing BPO services.

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Discover the value of RISE with SAP with AG. Experience-driven business process management with AG’s RISE with SAP solution

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SAP Cloud Platform

The SAP Cloud platform is one of the core pillars powering SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and has become a key element within their broader platform offering.


AWS is helping businesses scale and grow. We can build flexible, reliable and scalable SAP applications with their offering of computing power, content delivery, database storage and other functionality.

Microsoft Azure

The leading Enterprise Cloud Platform for building, deploying and managing applications (incl. SAP infrastructure hosting).


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