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AG Fast Start Package for SAP Supply Chain and Logistics Automation

Enhance order accuracy, streamline stock movements, optimise delivery accuracy, and efficiently meet customer demands.

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Real World SAP Automation | Fast Start Packages for Smart Automation

AG's Fast Start Packages are a pre-built SAP automation suite covering SAP Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and distribution, and more.

From order processing and inventory management to shipment tracking and demand forecasting, we ensure that your operations run efficiently and error-free.

Why AG's Supply Chain and Logistics Fast Start Packages?

  • Provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, order status, and shipments across the entire supply chain.
  • Brings significant improvements in efficiency and productivity of supply chain processes by eliminating manual tasks.
  • Mitigates risks and improves resilience in the face of disruptions.

Problems we address:

Whether you run a retail business seeking to optimise inventory levels and enhance fulfilment processes or a manufacturing firm needing improvements in production planning and execution, AG's Fast Start SAP Supply Chain and Logistics solutions are designed to cater to various industry-specific requirements.

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Road-Map to Supply Chain (SCM/ P2P) Processes

Drive efficiency throughout your SCM/ P2P processes with AG's automation!

Material Masters

Provides information about the materials that a business uses, such as their descriptions, specifications, and pricing.

PO Create

Communicates a business's needs to its suppliers, including the information about the quantity and price of the materials, and the required delivery date.

PO Confirmations

Confirms the terms of a PO with a supplier with respect to the materials being ordered, the quantity and price of the materials, and the required delivery date.

GR/ SES & Payments

Receiving and verifying shipments of goods, while making timely payments to suppliers for the goods they have delivered.

PO Closure

Ensures that all Purchase Order (PO) terms have been met and that the supplier has been paid.

Key Features

Discover the supply chain revolution with AG's cutting-edge pre-built SAP 'Packaged' Automation solutions!


Customising the solution to meet your unique requirements.


Utilising a modular approach to increase flexibility and scalability.


Adapting and growing as your business evolves.


Seamlessly integrating with existing systems.

Key Components of the Fast Start Package

Improve efficiency, visibility, resilience, and sustainability with AG's Fast Start Package for streamlined supply chain automation.

SAP SCM Order Confirmation

Streamlines the order confirmation process with suppliers by automating tasks such as sending order confirmations, tracking confirmations, and managing exceptions.

SAP PO Closure

Automates the process of closing purchase orders, including verifying deliveries, receiving invoices, and matching invoices to purchase orders. It also ensures that purchase orders are closed accurately and on time.

SAP SES Creation (Coming Soon)

Improves the visibility and efficiency of shipping processes by creating and managing sales and distribution (SD) shipment execution segments (SES), including tracking the shipment of goods from the warehouse to the customer.

Key Benefits

Reduce duplicates, improve P2P Controls, automate large-scale business admin tasks and more.


Time Management

Saves 1000 - 5000 hours annually


Rapid Deployment

Swift implementation within 4 - 8 weeks


Direct Savings

Replaces 1 - 5 Full-Time Employees (FTA's)

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