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Intelligent Asset Management (IAM)

Maximize operational productivity
with SAP’s Next-Gen collaborative suite

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What is Intelligent Asset Management (IAM)?

IAM is SAP’s next generation cloud-based suite of collaborative products, that provide a platform for manufacturers and asset operators to define, plan and monitor service and maintenance strategy for assets and products by enabling optimal collaboration, integration & analytical insights.


The AG Approach to IAM?

The outcome of IAM solutions greatly depends on the quality of data within SAP. Here at AG, with our in-depth knowledge of data and experience across multiple industry sectors, we will evaluate your current data model, make improvement recommendations and work with you to lay the foundation for IAM. We will partner with you to work on the implementation of IAM and empower you with a road-map to reap the most valuable benefits out of IAM.


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Why Implement IAM?

Maximum Productivity

Overall equipment effectiveness return on assets & unplanned outages

Improve Operational Safety

Reduce safety incidents

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Annual service and maintenance cost planned maintenance budget vs actual cost & reducing energy and input costs

Enhance Monitoring

Using IAM analytical insights for improved planning and maintenance

The IAM Suite consists of 5 components:


Connects IAM and Digital Core (SAP S4 or ECC)

Provides a common master and transactional data layer, a set of out-of-the-box integrations to SAP back-end business, Internet of Things solutions and standard basic functionalities

Enables common next generation product and asset modelling and management



Asset Central Foundation


Facilitates collaborative asset management and lets you take full advantage of the Internet of Things

(IoT)Operators can access up-to-date maintenance strategies and manuals from manufacturers

Manufacturers automatically receive asset usage and failure data


Measure and improve the performance of your assets and enhance maintenance strategies

You can enable asset owners, managers, plant managers, and reliability engineers to improve control, while making maintenance planning easier and more accurate


Combine sensor data with business information in your ERP, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and augmented reality systems using SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service.


Designed for SAP Cloud PlatformProvides online and offline access to context-rich visualizations and actionable insightsEnables simple and timely execution of end-to-end enterprise asset management (EAM) processes.

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Technology Enablers

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Providing extraordinary automation of knowledge and insights across the enterprise

The Internet of Things (IOT)

Sensor enabled condition monitoring for new value-added services and for real-time insights

3D visualization and augmented reality

Unmatched situational awareness and enhanced perception

Real-time engineering simulation

Uses physics-based digital twins for predictive engineering in operations and product development.

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