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SAP Field logistics Overview

Looking for a unified solution to manage end-to-end offshore logistics? 

As a leading SAP Gold Partner, our expertise lies in streamlining your Supply Chain Logistics. We can enable businesses to build first-class field services operations and foster close customer relationships. 

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Maximise Your Logistics Potential with SAP Field Logistics

Offshore logistics refers to managing and coordinating various activities supporting offshore operations in industries such as oil and gas, renewable energy, and offshore construction.  

It encompasses the planning, organization, and execution of logistics activities required to supply goods, and equipment to offshore facilities and projects located in remote or offshore locations, typically away from the mainland or on the open sea.

SAP’s Remote Logistics Management (RLM) which caters the Offshore Planning and Logistics, is currently running as a compatibility pack in S/4HANA with end of support by Dec 2025. 

SAP introduced a new module SAP Field Logistics by mid of 2021, which serves as an upgraded replacement for the existing Remote Resource and Logistics Management module and offers enhanced features that cater to the diverse business requirements associated with offshore logistics processes.

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Quick Lookup of Solution Availability:

SAP Module S/4HANA On Prem S/4HANA Private Cloud S/4HANA Public Cloud
RLM Compatibility Pack until 2025 Not Available Not Available
Field Logistics From S/4HANA 2022 From S/4HANA 2022 From S/4HANACloud 1908


Field logistics from SAP is with more enhanced functionalities from the present RLM solution in the areas of Maintenance, Supply chain with better automation and Analytical reporting which makes this solution pack easier to implement with minimal IT support in the usage. With these benefits, this solution provides a better performance in managing business operational activities with ease and minimum clicks.

Fiori apps for Managing Offshore Logistics

Enabled for Tablet/Handheld, which along with system-guided processing improves ease of usage at Platform/Rigs with coarse weather conditions.

Better Container Management

With auto-update the container status is based on the expiry of associated Certificates.

Enhanced tracking

Of Supplier Items Rentals and Non-Stock items with detailed history improves Supply Chain tracking

Simplifies processing

Of follow-on documents by automating the creation of Outbound delivery/ Stock Transfer Order to eliminate redundant activities.

Intuitive and Simplified Manifest

Process provides a quick overview and navigation to various associated objects (like Containers and Deliveries) improves operational efficiency

Intelligent Technologies

Are embedded in the App like Scan Handling Unit Label/ Container Label to simplify the receiving process.

SAP Field Logistics

Provide native integration with other SAP modules:

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Quality Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Extended Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management

Field Logistics helps upstream oil and gas industries easily manage their logistics activities by handling Stock, Non-Stock, Service, and Rental inventories with full control, accurate reporting, and improved supply chain visibility. 

SAP Field Logistics should be viewed not only as a replacement for Remote Logistics Management but as a more comprehensive and encompassing solution that offers significant improvements and advantages over RLM.

AG can help you with your SAP Field Logistics transformation and kick start your journey today and experience the potentials of SAP Field Logistics with our comprehensive system demo (integrated with Plant Maintenance and Extended Warehouse Management.


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