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Tailored EAM FIORI Dashboard/Apps

Tailored EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) FIORI Dashboards and Apps refer to customised user interfaces and applications developed using the FIORI design principles for managing and monitoring assets within an enterprise. To develop your tailored EAM FIORI Dashboards and Apps, organisations typically collaborate with SAP consultants, developers, and designers experienced in FIORI design principles and development techniques. Our SAP experts can help analyse the organisation's requirements, design the user interface, develop the apps, and ensure proper integration with existing systems. Overall, tailored EAM FIORI Dashboards and Apps enhance the user experience, improve asset management processes, and contribute to better organisational decision-making.

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Key Benefits

FIORI Dashboards and Apps in the EAM context are designed to give users easy access to relevant information and tools to manage these assets effectively. Here's how tailored EAM FIORI Dashboards/Apps can benefit organisations:

Personalised Experience

Tailored FIORI Dashboards and Apps can be customised to display the asset-related information most relevant to each user's role and responsibilities. This personalisation improves user productivity and efficiency.

Simplified Workflows

EAM processes often involve complex workflows, such as creating maintenance requests, approving work orders, and tracking asset history. Tailored FIORI Apps can streamline these workflows, reducing manual effort and potential errors.

Emergency Maintenance Count

This KPI tracks the number of unscheduled emergency maintenance activities. A high count may suggest a need for improved preventive maintenance practices.

Mobile Accessibility

FIORI is designed with mobile responsiveness in mind. Tailored EAM FIORI Apps can be accessed on various devices, such as smartphones and tablets, allowing maintenance and asset management tasks to be performed on the go.

Data Visualisation

FIORI emphasises data visualisation techniques, such as charts, graphs, and interactive elements. This helps users understand asset performance trends and make informed decisions.

Asset Utilisation

This metric assesses how effectively assets are being used. It helps in identifying underutilised assets that might need attention or replacement.

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