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UiPath Communications Mining


Effortlessly track and streamline your business communications


Whether it's sending an email or promptly responding to a customer request, every business conversation is of utmost importance. However, the processing of these communications has traditionally been done manually, incurring high costs and resulting in inefficiency. However, those days are long gone.

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Push the boundaries of your AI capabilities for accelerated ROI

UiPath Communications Mining turns every message into actionable data, in real time and on any business communications channel. It uses the latest AI models to analyze and automate your most common business requests and time-consuming conversations. Automate more, upscale your operations, and enhance the service experience.

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What does UiPath Communications Mining Do?

Let's imagine a scenario where a valued customer reaches out with a request to update their details. Traditionally, this communication would need to be directed to the appropriate department, then, an employee would have to carefully read the request and painstakingly input it into the relevant systems.

By Using UiPath Communications Mining, we can effortlessly handle all of these steps on your behalf. From routing the communication to the correct department with utmost efficiency to securely extracting and transferring the data into the relevant systems.

By leveraging Communications Mining, you can save valuable time, eliminate the risk of errors, and ensure a seamless experience for both your customers and employees. 

UiPath Communications Mining in Action


Benefits of UiPath Communications Mining

Transform process fragmentation into a harmonious collaboration

Turn pieces of information into Insights

Turns business conversations into actionable insights by extracting data from inbound messages. This provides visibility into processes and channels, enabling businesses to identify problems, inefficiencies, and automation opportunities.

Automate your Email Responses

Communications Mining empowers businesses to automate transactional requests and workflows, enabling tasks such as email triaging, customer information updates, and case creation to be fully automated by UiPath from start to finish.

Monitor and

UiPath provides businesses with real-time insights allowing them to extract and focus on the most important information. With built-in analytics, process owners can track trends and measure service quality and performance at all levels.

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Being a UiPath Gold Partner, AG brings a comprehensive set of advantages and expertise to the table when it comes to implementing UiPath Solutions. By choosing AG, you are partnering with a company that has a proven track record in successfully implementing automation solutions. Our Gold Partner status ensures that we have deep knowledge and experience with UiPath's products and tools, giving you confidence in our ability to navigate any challenges that may arise during the implementation process. Furthermore, AG's partnership status grants us exclusive access to UiPath's invaluable resources and support. This helps us deliver an exceptional solution that meets your unique business requirements.


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