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SAP Asset Management
AG Fast Start Automation Packages

Achieve efficient work order management and proactive asset condition monitoring with AG Fast Start Automation Package.

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Executive Summary

AG's Fast Start Packages are a suite of pre-built SAP automation that covers SAP Finance, Supply Chain, Sales & Distribution, and more.

With our Fast Start Packages, you can:
•    Automate your most time-consuming and repetitive tasks.
•    Improve accuracy and efficiency.
•    Reduce costs.
•    Free up your employees to focus on more strategic work.

AG's Fast Start Package for Asset Management Automation drives efficiency in end-to-end process optimisation. 

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Key Features


Customising the solution to meet your unique requirements.


Utilising a modular approach to increase flexibility and scalability.


Adapting and growing as your business evolves.


Seamlessly integrating with existing systems.

Why AG's Asset Management Fast Start Package?

Consider a business that heavily depends on a diverse array of machinery and equipment to produce its goods efficiently. In such a scenario, AG's Asset Management Fast Start Package emerges as the pivotal solution for addressing the following challenges:

  • Frequent equipment breakdowns and the resulting costly downtime and unplanned maintenance significantly impact production schedules and lead to additional expenses for emergency repairs.
  • Having a combination of older and newer equipment that lacks visibility into the efficient usage of each asset, paving the way for some machines to be underutilised while others are overworked, resulting in uneven wear and tear.
  • Facing shortages of critical spare parts, causing further delays in maintenance and repairs, thereby impacting their ability to respond swiftly to equipment failures.
  • Struggling to maintain proper records and generate compliance reports, putting the company at risk of non-compliance against strict regulatory requirements.

Effective asset management is vital for any organisation seeking to boost productivity, cut expenses, and uphold compliance in today's fiercely competitive business environment.

Road-Map to Asset Management (EAM) Process

Dive into AG's SAP Community Automations Roadmap tailored for Asset Management EAM processes, your guide to precision in maintenance workflows. 

Create Work Order

Efficiently streamlines the process of creating work orders for timely and organised execution of maintenance tasks.

Order Materials

Ensures smoother operations through automated confirmation of delivery dates for ordered materials optimising planning and visibility.

Work Order Planning

Facilitates detailed and strategic work order planning, allowing businesses to enhance the overall efficiency of their asset management processes.

Status Reporting

Ensures timely, accurate reporting of business and safety-critical information for proactive risk management within asset management processes.

TECO Orders

Streamlines large-scale business administrative tasks by automating TECO (Technically Complete) orders with AG's SAP Community Automation.

Key Components of the Fast Start Package

Improve efficiency, visibility, resilience, and sustainability with AG's Fast Start Package for streamlined asset management automation.

SAP PO Confirmation

Streamlines and automates SAP purchase order confirmation process for asset management, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy and visibility into confirmation status.

SAP Maintenance Order Status

Enables real-time monitoring and management of maintenance orders in the SAP system, automating updates to ensure stakeholders have up-to-date information on progress and enhancing operational efficiency.


Optimises setting maintenance orders to Technical Completion (TECO) status, indicating successful completion of maintenance work and readiness for asset use. Automation in this area efficiently returns assets to service, reducing downtime and improving availability.

Key Benefits

Automated AFE Creation ensures data and process compliance, minimises user training, nullifies errors and more.


Time Management

Saves 1000 hours annually (from 0.5+ FTEs)


Direct Savings

200+ Embedded Business Rules/ Logic


Rapid Deployment

Swift implementation within 4 - 12 weeks

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