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AG Smart Inspections Ex:

AI-aided Ex/ATEX Inspections in SAP

AG Smart Inspections Ex is a revolutionary product designed to streamline and centralise the entire Ex/ATEX management process within your existing SAP environment. This innovative solution eliminates the need for complex interfaces and external third-party software, offering you a single source of truth for all your Ex/ATEX data.

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Why AG Smart Inspections Ex?

Traditionally, SAP clients in the Energy Industry have relied on separate IT systems to manage Ex/ATEX inspections. This approach has led to challenges, including a lack of single source of truth and difficulties managing complex interfaces between SAP and these external solutions.
AG's Workmate Ex offers a comprehensive solution for managing Ex/ATEX inspections entirely within SAP, eliminating the need for complex integrations and standalone third-party products. By centralising asset, work management, and Ex/ATEX inspections in a single system, AG's Workmate Ex streamlines operations and improves data consistency.
This innovative solution leverages built-in electrical standards and utilises SAP's latest technologies, such as BTP, to cater to the diverse needs of various stakeholders, including planners, schedulers, technicians, engineers, gatekeepers, maintenance/operations managers, and auditors.

Proven Results


Outlined below are the tangible benefits of our most recent implementation

55.6% Reduction

in Process Steps

206 Crew-days Saved

per annum from a team of 50 technicians 

100% Reduction

Reduction in Ex Equipment updates

SAP's innovation in Ex/ATEX Inspections provides a complete field operation toolkit. The process is streamlined with tablet-based data entry. Leveraging BTP and AG's ‘Smart Ex’ solution, we've expanded our digital reach from S/4HANA to SSAM*. This marks a fully digital, fully integrated SAP solution delivering groundbreaking Ex/ATEX Inspection process, offering a full life cycle approach.

Business IT Manager - Oil & Gas Company

Ex Inspections Asset Analysis

EX Inspections Features

Provided below is a quick preview of Smart Inspections, a solution within SAP for end-to-end management Ex Inspections (and all other types of inspections)

Key Features

Embedded Electrical Standards

The solution includes built-in electrical standard IEC60079, specifying the necessary checks that needs to be performed for each piece of equipment ensuring regulatory compliance.

360 Degree Visibility

Solution enables seamless tracing back to the original Ex/ATEX inspection order and strategy from any point within the process, including from remediation work orders. Most importantly, this process is achieved in just a few clicks, eliminating the need to generate multiple reports. This streamlined approach empowers any member of the maintenance organisation to swiftly access all necessary information with minimal effort

Audit Trail

Eliminate manual record-keeping. The solution automatically creates audit trails and history logs, saving you time and ensuring everyone has access to the information they need

Online/Offline Mobile Solution

AG's Workmate Ex empowers technicians and engineers to perform Ex/ATEX inspections in the field, even in areas with limited or no network coverage. Our online/offline mobile solution ensures you can stay productive and efficient, regardless of your location

Full Report Suite

The integrated reporting suite provides you with the ability to effortlessly generate comprehensive reports that encompass every vital stage of the Ex/ATEX inspection process, starting from the initial planning phase and extending to the final remediation work.

In Field Scope Adjustments

Workmate Ex enables Technicians/Inspectors to modify Equipment Ex Category and Inspection Type (e.g., Visual, Detailed, Closed) on-site, with instant updates to reflect the revised inspection scope according to IEC60079 standards.

The Benefits

Single Source
of Truth

Simplified IT Landscape: Workmate Ex resides within SAP, ensuring that all work management, asset, and Ex/ATEX inspection data originates from a single source. With no need for complex interfaces or reliance on third-party standalone solutions, this arrangement simplifies the IT landscape, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency

Reduced IT
Support Costs

Having all components unified within SAP significantly reduces solution support costs. Clients no longer need to maintain separate support teams to manage the complexities of system interfaces. Furthermore, it saves valuable time by eliminating the need to gather information from multiple systems to generate compliance reports.

Improved Visibility
to Risks

Utilising a single system of record combined with the extensive reporting capabilities available in the product delivers greater operational insights. This comprehensive approach enables the identification of potential risks and breaches more effectively, allowing for proactive measures to be taken to mitigate them.

Improved Data Quality

The mobile solution enables technicians to capture pictures, notes, and voice recordings directly in the field. This capability enhances the quality of data input into SAP, ensuring that decision-makers have access to accurate and comprehensive information

Improved Operational Efficiency

Workmate Ex in SAP streamlines processes, eliminates duplication of efforts, and centralises workflows and data in a single platform. This reduces redundant tasks and enhances tool time for technicians, ultimately improving operational performance.

Thanks to 'Smart Ex', we’ve overcome the challenge of alternating between different systems. Now, we input data once on the tablet, right on the spot—no double-duty. Plus, we can take pics and videos in real time, which is a game-changer for easily demonstrating the issue instead of just talking about it. It's a “one stop shop”, making our job in the field way smoother.

Instrumentation Technician of a Oil & Gas company

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