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SAP Service & Asset Manager (SSAM)

SAP Asset Manager' is a comprehensive solution within SAP that enables the complete digitisation of workforce operations for maintenance and inspection management. This end-to-end solution eliminates overhead costs and work processing delays to improve first-time resolution rates, customer satisfaction and business productivity. Powered by SAP's latest technologies, this solution offers a prolonged life of your assets with guided workflows and timely processing of service and work orders, notifications, and asset and customer master data.

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Revolutionalise the SAP EAM Services & Asset Manager via Improved Efficiency


SAP Asset Manager - Key Benefits

Improved Adoption

Simpler and 'Technician Friendly' Workflows improve the acceptance by Technicians, making it easier to train them and adopt the solution.

Time Savings in Gatekeeping Process

Improved Data Quality and Accuracy allow a streamlined Gatekeeping process making it easier to take a quick and informed decision without 'back-and-forth' verifications.

Improved Data Quality

Simpler workflows and the ability to execute tasks more quickly will often lead to more accurate results as it reduces the chances of human error.

Overall Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Simple workflows & Screens enable maintenance technicians to access all necessary information and data on their smartphones or tablets quickly & effortlessly, allowing for effective task completion.

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AG's Approach to Product Implementation

1) Assessment

AG's product implementation approach starts with a free readiness assessment. Here, we usually assess the Business Process around planning, execution and reporting/analysis.

This will allow us to advise on potential 'process refinements needed', which usually occur parallel to the rest of the project activities.

2) Implementation

At AG, we follow SAP's proven 'Activate Methodology' and AG's proven governance model, designed to get all the necessary stakeholders involved at the right time.

The model involved weekly progress calls with progress reports and monthly steer-co meetings with project sponsors/owners.

3) Embedding/Adoption

The mentioned stakeholder engagement approach has proven to ensure successful project delivery, go-live, and user adoption to derive the intended ROIs.

The implementation also includes a well-structured training program targeting all user groups, such as Maintenance Technicians, Team Lead, Master Data Maintainers and Management (for analytics). 

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Recognised by SAP to have the in-house expertise to maintain exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, solution quality, and service delivery.



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