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SAP Enterprise Asset Management


Are you looking to gain visibility and insights into your physical assets through SAP?

AG is a leading specialist in SAP Enterprise Asset Management, we employ one of the largest SAP consulting teams in the UK.

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SAP Intelligent Asset Management software

As part of SAP’s supply chain management product suite, SAP has heavily invested in its ‘Intelligent Asset Management’ software offering. These products are focused on the tracking, performance and maintenance of the physical assets of a business, as well as applying ‘intelligent’ solutions such as IoT, AI, ML and predictive analytics to improve insights and maintenance of operations.

As a leading SAP Gold Partner, we have also invested heavily in our capabilities to support our customers in SAP’s Enterprise Asset Management product portfolio space. As such, we are proud of our end-to-end service delivery options that encompass the full SAP product suite via our SAP consultancy and SAP managed service practices. These services ensure our customers are maximising their SAP investments with best-in-class implementation for asset management solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more about SAP software capabilities and how to apply them to your business or looking to optimise your current EAM applications, we can schedule a meeting with one of our ‘industry specific’ technical experts to advise on potential solutions.

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Supported SAP EAM products

SAP Asset Intelligence Network

  • Collaborative EAM
  • Centralised asset data repository
  • Automated equipment tracking

SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management

  • Asset information management
  • Risk and criticality assessment
  • Failure modes and effects analysis

SAP Predictive Asset Insights

  • 360-degree view of assets
  • Advanced predictive analytics
  • Intuitive and scalable intelligence

SAP Asset Manager

  • Work order management
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • Mobile asset management

SAP Field Service Management

  • Workforce scheduling and dispatching
  • Analytics, reports, and dashboards
  • Mobile field service

SAP S/4HANA Asset Management

  • Asset operations and planning
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Maintenance execution

SAP Geographical Enablement Framework

  • Standalone geometry explorer and editor
  • Customisation of geospatially enabled solutions
  • Federation of GIS data

SAP Crowd Service

  • Collaborative service ecosystem
  • Skill and qualifications management
  • AI-enabled scheduling and technician empowerment
SAP Gold Partner

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