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SAP Finance Month-End Close
AG Fast Start Package for Finance Automation

Automate your critical month-end processes and achieve instant return on investment with AG's Fast Start Package for Finance Automation!

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Executive Summary

Are you prepared to optimise your typical finance month-end processes and enhance efficiency in your business?

AG's Fast Start Packages are a suite of pre-built SAP automation that covers SAP Finance (Month-End & Accounts Payable), Supply Chain, Asset Management, and more.

With our Fast Start Packages, you can:
• Automate your most time-consuming reconciliation tasks.
• Reduce errors on manual balance conversion and matching tasks.
• Produce user-friendly, formatted reports.
• Free up your employees at month-end to focus on more critical tasks.

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Key Features


Customising the solution to meet your unique requirements.


Utilising a modular approach to increase flexibility and scalability.


Adapting and growing as your business evolves.


Seamlessly integrating within existing SAP and Non-SAP systems.

Key Components of the AG Package

AG's Automation package drives end-to-end finance month-end process optimisation. 


SAP Finance Month-End Close

Simplifies the reconciliation process, closing tasks, and audit preparations, improving financial visibility and adherence to regulations.

SAP Balance Sheet Reconciliation

Achieves precise financial reporting by seamlessly reconciling balance sheet accounts using advanced automationss.

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SAP Customer Open Items Clearance

Improves account reconciliation by automatically matching and clearing open items, boosting efficiency and accuracy in financial operations.

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Key Benefits

We offer practical, proven solutions that elevate customer convenience.


Time Management

   Save annually (equivalent to 0.25+ Full-Time Employees)


Process Automation

Schedule reconciliation of 100+ accounts across many co-codes overnight


Rapid Deployment

Swift implementation
within a week's time

Other Benefits


Delivers a low-cost solution with maximum returns.

Broad Applicability

Suitable for diverse business sectors, irrespective of the industry being operated in.

Enhanced RPA journey

Enhances Finance Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and initiates a productive RPA journey.

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What is the AG Fast Start Package for SAP Finance Month End Automation?

The AG Fast Start Package is a cutting-edge solution enhancing month-end financial processes within the SAP environment. By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art automation tools, it simplifies tasks, elevates precision, and maximises the effectiveness of month-end closing procedures.


How does the AG Fast Start Package contribute to process efficiency during month-end closing?

The package streamlines and simplifies month-end tasks, reducing manual intervention. It speeds up data processing, minimises errors, and enhances efficiency in completing month-end financial activities.


Is extensive IT knowledge required for implementing the AG Fast Start Package?

Implementing the AG Fast Start Package does not require extensive IT knowledge. Our solution has user-friendly interfaces and intuitive tools, allowing for easy access and utilisation. However, having a basic understanding of SAP and finance processes will greatly enhance the optimal utilisation of the package.


What kind of support and updates are provided with the AG Fast Start Package?

The AG Fast Start Package offers comprehensive support and updates. Our team assists you throughout implementation and provides ongoing support. We also release updates for compatibility with SAP upgrades and to integrate new features for continuous improvement.

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