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SAP Payment Proposals and Exceptions Automation


Speed up the payment approval process and reduce payment inaccuracies with SAP Build Process Automation


AG's Payment Proposals and Exceptions bot can streamline payment approvals and sort out exceptions for a faster and accurate payment system.

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SAP iRPA Store - Payment exception report

Delivering new age invoice management with automation.

Are you planning for a faster vendor payment process by resolving critical issues? 

Our Build (iRPA) solutions bot imitates human actions, such as logging into systems, searching particular documents, filling out forms, and reporting the status of work accomplished. For processing large number of invoices for single or multiple company codes. It filters out financial cases that require deeper analysis and attention—providing valuable insights.

Once triggered, the bot sincerely picks up assigned parameters, such as company codes, payment methods, and frequency, to work on the transaction details and generate Payment Proposals. It then checks for errors and generates a Payment Exceptions list. It can retrieve the previous week’s exception log. Then send a user-friendly formatted report to the relevant teams. 


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At AG, we have developed this unique low-code financial reporting solution for automating and simplifying SAP financial process. With Artificial Intelligence capabilities, our Payment Proposals and Exceptions bot can process payment proposals, then identify, rectify, and report payment exceptions. It can execute vendor payment proposals in minutes with simple, faster, and more accurate processing. Can repetitively audit, analyse and identify discrepancies to reduce financial risk.

Contact our SAP experts to save over 1000 work hours per year on the Payment Proposal and Exception Reporting process powered by SAP Build (iRPA) and is now available on the SAP Store. Get it now for free.  

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Bot Overview

  • Business Process - Finance
  • Category - Account Payables
  • Vendor - AG Consultancy 
  • Automation Type - Unattended Robot

Bot Configuration Steps

  • Logs into SAP
  • Enters the given parameters and triggers the proposal.
  • Validates each data of proposals and checks for errors.
  • Accesses list of payment exceptions.
  • Creates a list of exception payments.
  • Reports the status to an authorised user.

Top Solution Benefits

Making processes cost-effective

Automating processes can help you save 1000 work hours per year.

Generate reports anytime

Schedule automated processes when required, even out of office hours during busy days of the month.

Simple RPA value-add

Enables organisations to streamline financial processes faster to meet business requirements and even realise short-term ROI.

Wiping out mundane tasks

Automation of payment proposals and exception reports for a large number of accounts on daily basis will wipe out mundane tasks.

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Our award-winning SAP expertise, combined with deep domain expertise and proven intelligent technologies capabilities, ensures you get solutions that meet your business needs. This is one example of several AG Automation Solutions provided to our community for free that can significantly reduce your time to benefit. Why not try it for yourself?

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Why choose AG as your go-to payment processing automation partner?

We focus on:

  • Swift and accurate creation of payment proposals.
  • Setting parameters of payment proposals based on business requirement.
  • Identify exceptions based on specific business scenario.
  • Drive in efficiency by bringing up business exceptions that require more attention.
  • Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks reducing billable man-hours.

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