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SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite for a sustainable end to end transformations & process excellence

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite for a sustainable end to end transformations & process excellence


SAP Signavio: Discover Your Process Reality

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite is a suite of solutions for process and journey modelling, process analysis and mining, governance, and automated execution. Leveraging best-in-class industry standards helps you start right away and quickly locate, narrow down, correct, and prioritise process issues, pointing you in the right direction and helping you fast-track your process mining and continuous business transformation initiatives. These process mining and process intelligence abilities allow you to create your path to a successful in-depth study of your end-to-end processes, mining your process reality and developing insights to recognise improvement possibilities. Integrated with a full-scope process and journey modelling, the abilities allow you to take your business processes to the next level while enhancing your business operations and customer experience.
With SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, you get an explicit view of your current business processes to manage proactively and optimise those processes to accomplish the complete agility required to develop a seamless business model. The suite presents a single destination for collaboration and successive change to harness the power of processes and people.

What makes SAP Signavio solutions stand out?

  • Uncover process inefficiencies for improved operations
  • Identify opportunities to change and innovate by running process mining investigations
  • In-depth metrics to monitor your performance and compliance
  • Perform in-depth analysis of your data with the SAP Signavio analytics language (SIGNAL) while leveraging customisable queries
  • Reduce your time to insight with ready-to-consume analytics
  • Uncover hidden correlations or irregularities in your data, allowing you to identify potential root causes
  • Quick problem identification by recording, managing and collaboratively sharing your insights and findings with your peers
  • Increased visibility by embedding your results into your journeys and processes in the SAP Signavio Journey Modeler solution and SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite 
As an SAP Gold partner, our SAP consultants have an in-depth understanding and vast experience of the business processes across various industries. They are certified in SAP operational and technical areas. This enables them to resolve your day-to-day issues and be proactive, staying on top of industry evolutions to drive continued advancements for you.
Our focus and priority are to provide value and help you become an intelligent enterprise through your digital transformation journey. Choose AG (the go-to SAP Consultancy in the UK you can trust!) to support your SAP systems with cost-effective, flexible solutions. 
AG will work on all your unique SAP process mining business requirements and agree on a support model that tailors our assistance to fit all your specific SAP service requirements.

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SAP Signavio supports both enterprise transformation and process excellence initiatives


Business Transformation

  • New business models
  • Process harmonisation and simplification
  • Process Consolidation Inc. shared services
  • Equip for mergers and acquisitions
  • RISE with the SAP transformation project

Process Focus

  • Order to cash (O2C) 
  • Purchase to pay (P2P)
  • Lean manufacturing
    Service management

IT Transformation

  • Conversion to SAP S/4HANA
  • Return to standard code
  • ERP consolidation
    Digital foundation

Performance Initiatives

  • Customer Excellence
  • Efficiency in Cycle time acceleration
  • Governance, risk, and compliance

Benefits of the solution

Enhanced processes with data-driven decision-making

Improved visibility into your actual business operations to discover how processes are implemented and monitor potential improvement areas

Greater process efficiency and harmonisation

Eliminate process inefficiencies, such as extended cycle times, blockages, loops, or additional process issues leading to increased costs and poor customer experiences

Improved service levels and customer experience

Pinpoint root causes of your business process issues, allowing you to understand the interconnected dynamics in the data

Advanced agility to redesign your business processes

Improved process standardisation and regulatory compliance with unique process steps to automate and streamline throughout the company

Capabilities of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

Process data management

  • Standard connectors
  • Data integration with SAP Data Intelligence Cloud
  • Bring your own data integration
  • Easily acquire and prepare process and experience data

Analytics and visualisation

  • Process discovery
  • Process variants analysis
  • Process conformance
  • Visualisation widgets
  • Metrics library
  • Discover your process reality
  • Rapidly identify issues and inefficiencies
  • Understand your process dynamics
  • Identify non-compliant processes
  • Monitor your performance
  • Visualise your main metrics


  • Insights management
  • Embedded insights
  • Speed up your analysis and problem identification
  • Monitor your process performance and
  • Experience metrics


  • Standard process data transformation templates
  • Standard metrics
  • Bring your own data integration

  • Enable a fast start to process analysis
  • Speed up the creation of process data
  • Discover your process reality
  • Rapidly identify issues and inefficiencies
  • Understand your process dynamics

Process analysis engine

  • SAP Signavio analytics language (SIGNAL)
  • Automated insights
  • Perform detailed, tailored process data analysis
  • Identify relations and anomalies in your data
  • Save time to find insights into your data

Task mining

  • Integration with FortressIQ
  • Perform deeper analysis by considering how your users execute tasks

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Other supported SAP Products

SAP Signavio

  • SAP Signavio Process Manager
  • SAP Signavio Process Intelligence
  • SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite
  • SAP Signavio Process Insights
  • SAP Signavio Process Governance
  • SAP Signavio Journey Modeler
  • SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

Business Intelligence

  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP Business
  • Objects Business
  • Intelligence (BI) Suite
  • SAP Crystal solutions

Data Warehousing

  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Enterprise Planning

  • SAP Analytics Cloud for planning
  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

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