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SAP Build
Accelerated Low-Code Automation Solutions

Build applications, automate workflows, and design corporate websites effortlessly using a drag-and-drop interface.

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Through the continued delivery of successful customer engagements, our expert technical & commercial competencies, and strategic SAP alignment - we are recognised by SAP as a key partner for SAP consultancy & support services.

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What is SAP Build?

SAP Build as a Low-Code No-Code Solution!

SAP Build provides an easy-to-use solution that speeds up the development and automation processes using low-code, no-code technology.

SAP Build, a new unified low-code / no-code portfolio, brings together SAP Build Apps (an evolution of SAP AppGyver), SAP Build Process Automation (formerly SAP Process Automation), and SAP Build Work Zone (formerly SAP Work Zone and SAP Launchpad service) to create apps, automate solutions and simplify the processes to enhance business agility.



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How SAP Build Products drive Enterprise Development and Automation?



Accelerate App Development

Quickly develop your applications with intuitive drag-and-drop tools and pre-built templates.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Seamlessly with SAP and third-party applications along with a comprehensive workflow management ecosystem.

Simplify Collaboration

Design Business sites and foster teamwork and innovation through real-time collaboration features.

Key Features

Build, Automate, and Collaborate effectively with SAP Build!

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Develop applications and automations without coding expertise.

Third-Party Systems Integration

Integrate SAP seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure.

Pre-Built Templates

Access a library of templates for common business scenarios.

Role-Based Access Control

Maintain security and data privacy.

SAP Build Use Cases

Fueling Business Transformation, SAP Build as a Solution!


Smart Management of Receivables
Confirmation of Purchase Order
Efficient Financial Closing
Streamlined Accounts Payable Procedures
Validation of Supplier Invoice Status

Sourcing and Procurement

Business Partner Integration
Procurement of IT Equipment
Automated Invoice Uploading
Generation of Purchase Requisitions
Confirmation of Purchase Orders

Sales and Customer Service

Sales Order Generation
User Onboarding

Human Resources

Automated Offer Letter Generation
Staff Induction

Information Technology

Implementation of Change Requests
Procurement of IT Assets
Event Management

AG and SAP Build Next-Level Partnership

AG, as a SAP Gold Partner, stands ready to guide and support you on your SAP Build automation journey. We specialise in simplifying and accelerating your automation endeavours, particularly with SAP's robust Build portfolio. Leveraging our extensive experience and deep-rooted expertise in SAP and RPA, we're here to guide you through every process step, from conceptualisation to implementation.

Learn more about AG & SAP Build Next-Level Partnership here:



Why AG

Expertise, Innovation, and Collaborative Partnerships for transformative SAP Build implementations!

Deep SAP & RPA Expertise

Our experienced professionals, well-versed in SAP Build's complexities, offer comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring clients receive top-notch assistance throughout their journey.

Agile Methodologies

Our adaptable approach ensures rapid iterations, quick responses to evolving needs, and seamless adjustments throughout the implementation process to guarantee efficient project delivery and maximise client satisfaction.

Innovative Approach

At AG, we don't just implement SAP Build. We bring creative solutions to tailor unique, future-proof strategies aligned with each client's business goals and industry demands.

End-To-End Support

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end support, guiding clients beyond the initial setup, extending to ongoing optimisation, training, and continuous improvement for sustained success and growth.

Out-of-the-box SAP Build Solutions

AG's out-of-the-box SAP Build solutions offer pre-built automation for common tasks like order processing, invoicing, and expense management.

Realise ROI in Weeks

We help you identify the perfect automation use cases within weeks, using our proven methodology. We handle everything, from use case discovery to ROI tracking, ensuring measurable benefits within weeks.

AG Automation Store

AG offers a range of innovative SAP Build Process Automation solutions covering Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Asset Management. By utilising top-notch robotic process automation (RPA) technology, we guarantee exceptional returns on your SAP investments.

Technology Partnerships


SAP Gold Partner

Recognised by SAP to have the in-house expertise to maintain exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, solution quality, and service delivery.



Widely recognised as the leading Robotic Process Automation toolset. AG are a premier UiPath partner – incl. providing BPO services.

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Discover the value of RISE with SAP with AG. Experience-driven business process management with AG’s RISE with SAP solution

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SAP Cloud Platform

The SAP Cloud platform is one of the core pillars powering SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and has become a key element within their broader platform offering.


AWS is helping businesses scale and grow. We can build flexible, reliable and scalable SAP applications with their offering of computing power, content delivery, database storage and other functionality.

Microsoft Azure

The leading Enterprise Cloud Platform for building, deploying and managing applications (incl. SAP infrastructure hosting).


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