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SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) Managed Solutions

SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) Managed Solutions
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As a leading SAP Gold Partner and IT consultancy, AG is certified by SAP to support its customers in accordance with the current standards of the Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) certification. The award for successfully completing the audit process for SAP VAR Delivered Support guarantees our clients the best possible assistance. AG is already providing SAP Enterprise Support and has further been certified by SAP, showcasing the distinction of AG's deep expertise and commitment to delivering world-class SAP support in implementing, operating and optimising your SAP Systems.

What is SAP PCoE?

Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) is a rigorous program endorsed by SAP that acknowledges a partner's exceptional capabilities in providing Value Added Reseller (VAR) delivered support for specific SAP solutions. The PCoE audit focuses on the availability of the partner CoE's infrastructure, tools, processes and documentation in preparation for onboarding and support of new customers. SAP Partners who attain PCoE status have proven that they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide support for SAP products.

  • Proven expertise: Deep understanding of the SAP systems, backed by certified SAP consultants and specialists.
  • Efficient support processes: Standardised and optimised internal processes for delivering high-quality support.
  • Customer-centric approach: A commitment to exceeding customer expectations through proactive and effective support.

Why choose AG as your SAP Support Partner?


Faster Resolution Times

With dedicated resources and streamlined processes, we can diagnose and resolve your SAP issues quickly and efficiently.

Reduced Costs

By managing your VAR delivered support through us, you can potentially optimise your support budget and minimise downtime.

Improved Performance

Our proactive approach to support helps you optimise your SAP investment and drive better business outcomes.

Enhanced Confidence

Our PCoE certification assures you of our competence and commitment to supporting your SAP environment.

Unlocking Your SAP Potential

The AG PCoE Advantage

As SAP PCoE certified, AG can enable you with SAP Enterprise Support for the following SAP products to unleash the untapped power of your SAP investment.

With our streamlined support and performance optimisation services, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions to drive your SAP success to new heights.

  • 1Facilitate mission-critical support and escalations.
  • 2Provide 1st and 2nd level SAP Technical and Enterprise Support.
  • 3Continuously optimising business processes, structures and system settings.
  • 4Monitoring the EarlyWatch and Red alerts from the client's business processes to follow up and support the implementation.
  • 5Proactive support with SAP Enterprise Support ensuring technical quality checks from time to time.
  • 6Continuous maintenance to ensure ongoing operations and delivering end-to-end SAP support.
  • 7Recommend and request remote services from SAP based on the requirements.
  • 8Support the release and deployment management with the SAP Solution Manager.


By partnering with AG, you gain access to a dedicated team of certified SAP experts with rich industry knowledge who are passionate about your success. We work tirelessly to ensure your SAP environment delivers the value and performance you expect.

Ready to unlock the power of PCoE?

Contact AG today and let us chart your course to SAP success together.

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