The Challenge in SAP Process Automation

When companies invest in SAP, they are often motivated by its great potential for system improvements, thanks to its unparalleled depth, rigour and scalability. However, while SAP provides the gold standard when it comes to ERP and processing capabilities, realising system improvements requires businesses to maximise the efficient and effective use of SAP. This challenge is best solved using SAP automation.

Our Approach to SAP Process Automation

Here at AG, we are trusted innovators in SAP automation. We are a prominent partner for the leading automation software vendors, and also have a second to none reputation for delivering fit for purpose, practical solutions that add great value to your SAP processes. Our unique strengths in SAP automation stems from the heart of our business, where we hold a deep and wide range of skills and industry experience to ensure that we can deliver SAP process automation solutions above and beyond the capabilities of any one product vendor or generalist service provider. We are not bound by a single product or partnership, nor do we suffer from any conflicting interests. We have become trusted partners to some of the UK’s most successful organisations for delivering high quality SAP automation solutions

Benefits of the AG Solution

  • Cost Savings
    Cost Savings

    Tangible direct and indirect cost savings.

  • ROI

    Typical ROI in weeks or months, not years.

  • Governance

    Doing the right things, right first time.

  • Insights

    Metrics and insights that you can trust.

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Case Studies
RPA for Operational Excellence

This fast expanding international hotel chain was struggling to manage updates to business-critical menus across their portfolio. The exclusivity of their restaurants meant that each had different, frequently updated menus. This was a problem as making changes in the system was time consuming and flexibility to accommodate peaks in demand was limited. A growing, full-time team were employed to make the changes, but struggled to keep up with ever increasing demand. The hotel group wanted to improve service and capacity while managing costs. AG designed a virtual, unattended helpdesk able to action menu changes in almost real-time, 24/7. With forecast ROI in 7 months, annual savings were estimated at hundreds of 000s of pounds.

AG Smart Automation Replaces BPO

AG helped this major UK energy provider to significantly improve the process for creating Project Accounting master data in SAP. The company was experiencing long delays and data quality issues due to shared ownership, knowledge gaps and insufficient system and process governance.

In fact, while Finance would provide project figures, it was the task of an off-shore team, who had the SAP knowledge, to enter data in the system. Using Winshuttle, AG developed a smart, user-friendly interface that allowed Finance to directly input project data into SAP easily, in real time and without error. This eliminated the need for the off-shore overhead while improving data governance and quality.

Automation in SAP

AG worked with Winshuttle to help an Oil & Gas Supermajor replace a legacy production revenue accounting system that was costing $1M to support and yet was not meeting business requirements.

The most complex Winshuttle solution ever built, the AG-Winshuttle robot manages 15 different processes in SAP using intelligent forms with extensive logic built-in to drive complex transactions. The solution, which includes over 100 individual scripts and 2,000 lines of code, also provides a highly usable SAP interface and solid process and data governance eliminating the likelihood of errors. The result was an almost immediate ROI, a streamlined period end and timely reports to the Board.

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