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AG Fast Start Packages for SAP Automation

Leveraging AG Fast Start Packages for enhanced operational efficiency and productivity through agile operations and streamlined workflows.

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AG Fast Start Packages

Navigating SAP Success with AG's Professional Automation Solutions

AG's Fast Start Packages encompass a comprehensive automation suite addressing requirements across Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and Distribution, Asset Management, and beyond. Our Fast Start Packages are designed to streamline your time-consuming and repetitive tasks efficiently. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, we deliver remarkable results.

Listen to Nick Champion as he shares insights into our journey with SAP to publish AG Automation Solutions on SAP Store.

With our Fast Start Packages, you can:

  • Automate those time-consuming and repetitive tasks that drain your energy.
  • Boost accuracy and efficiency to extraordinary levels.
  • Slash costs, liberating your employees to focus on high-level strategic work.
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Key Features

AG's Automation efficiencies drive end-to-end finance processes optimisation. 


Customising the solution to meet your unique requirements.


Utilising a modular approach to increase flexibility and scalability.


Adapting and growing as your business evolves.


Seamlessly integrating with existing systems.

Explore AG Fast Start Packages - SAP Automation Made Easy


AG Automation Solutions



Harness the power of AG's SAP Build Process Automation solutions in Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Asset Management to streamline your business operations and reduce manual labour.

AG's Fast Start Packages are centred around precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, emphasising a meticulous approach to automation.

At the core of AG's strategy lies a commitment to delivering impactful outcomes. Leveraging these Fast Start Packages promises concrete and meaningful results. The focus extends beyond reducing manual efforts; it aims to elevate organisations' overall performance and competitive edge within the SAP environment. AG's dedication to delivering exceptional results through refined automation tools underscores its mission to equip businesses with the essential resources to flourish in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

The primary goal isn't merely to automate processes and ensure absolute accuracy in executing automated tasks. This emphasis on accuracy directly bolsters reliability within automated workflows, reduces errors, and ultimately improves operational efficiency. Furthermore, AG prioritises efficiency, striving not just to automate tasks but to optimise processes, fostering a streamlined approach for maximum productivity.

Key Benefits

We offer practical, proven solutions that elevate customer convenience.


Time Management

   Save annually (approximately 1 to 5 Full-Time Employees)


Rapid Deployment

Swift implementation
within 4 week's time


Process Automation

Incorporates 3 Custom Solutions with Integrated Solution Support

Other Benefits

Streamlined Processes

Quick deployment enables smoother transitions and streamlined workflows.

Cost Savings

Minimised downtime paves for reduced costs associated with implementation delays.

Heightened ROIs

Accelerated deployment means reaping more benefits, and enhancing return on investment.


Swift implementation reduces downtime, optimising operational efficiency.

Dive Deep into AG's Fast Start Solutions

AG Fast Start Package for SAP Finance Accounts Payable Automation

AG Fast Start Package for SAP Finance Accounts Payable Automation

Enhances an organisation's diverse financial tasks and processes, such as accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, invoicing, expense management, and more.

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AG Fast Start Package for SAP Asset Management Automation

AG Fast Start Package for SAP Asset Management Automation

Enhances visibility into asset data, improves maintenance planning, and helps in maximising the value and lifespan of assets while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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AG Fast Start Package for SAP Finance Month End Automation

AG Fast Start Package for SAP Finance Month End Automation

Optimises the month-end closing procedures by automating repetitive tasks, such as reconciliations, journal entries, financial reporting, and intercompany transactions.

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AG Fast Start Package for SAP Supply Chain and Logistics Automation

AG Fast Start Package for SAP Supply Chain and Logistics Automation

Automates order creation, tracking shipments, optimising inventory levels, managing supplier relationships, and enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

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The AG Advantage

AG Fast Start Solutions for Effortless Automation of your business processes!

Scalable Automation Solutions

Designed for scalability, we adapt and expand in alignment with your evolving business needs to automate new processes, and accommodate increased transaction volumes.

Tailored SAP Integration

We facilitate seamless integration tailored specifically for SAP environments. It's a bespoke approach, finely tuned to harmonise with SAP modules, ensuring minimal disruptions and optimal compatibility.

Comprehensive Support and Training

We equip your organisation with the requisite knowledge, training and assistance for a seamless transition, continual optimisation, and efficient troubleshooting.

Regulatory Compliance and Security Focus

Recognising the criticality of compliance and data security, we trust the utmost importance of adhering to industry regulations and best practices, which ensures safeguarding the integrity and security of sensitive financial and operational data.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

Our solution goes beyond mere automation; it unlocks actionable insights with advanced analytics and reporting functionalities, empowering clients with invaluable insights to enhance decision-making and refine processes.

Rapid Implementation for Quick ROI

We use pre-configured automation templates and tools to implement solutions, swiftly accelerating your return on investment. This approach ensures quick deployment, minimising downtime while maximising early benefits.

Technology Partnerships


SAP Gold Partner

Recognised by SAP to have the in-house expertise to maintain exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, solution quality, and service delivery.



Widely recognised as the leading Robotic Process Automation toolset. AG are a premier UiPath partner – incl. providing BPO services.

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Discover the value of RISE with SAP with AG. Experience-driven business process management with AG’s RISE with SAP solution

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SAP Cloud Platform

The SAP Cloud platform is one of the core pillars powering SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and has become a key element within their broader platform offering.


AWS is helping businesses scale and grow. We can build flexible, reliable and scalable SAP applications with their offering of computing power, content delivery, database storage and other functionality.

Microsoft Azure

The leading Enterprise Cloud Platform for building, deploying and managing applications (incl. SAP infrastructure hosting).


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