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Accelerate your Journey to Asset Management Excellence | Best-in-class Inspection Processes

AG webinar to showcase Smart Inspections, a revolutionary solution for recording engineering inspection data simply and efficiently in SAP

AG’s Smart Inspections SAP solution can help reduce costs and risk for businesses by offering an industry-proven solution to record different types of inspection data directly in SAP.  To find out how Smart Inspections can transform your approach to recording and managing inspections in SAP, join SAP Gold Partner, AG for a webinar on 10th November at 14:00 GMT. You will learn how you can continue along your path of asset management excellence, and simplify all your inspection needs, by implementing AG's Smart Inspections, register here.

What is AG’s Smart Inspections solution?

Smart Inspections is a fully SAP Certified add-on specifically designed to make the entry, management and reporting of potentially sophisticated field inspection data effortless - this also includes automatic initiation of follow-on activities such as corrective Notifications, leading towards Work Order creation. The solution builds upon native SAP functionality, harnessing the proven capabilities of SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) and SAP Quality Management (QM) modules, while simplifying usability and overcoming onerous master data and user training overheads. As a result, AGs Smart Inspections Solution provides businesses with an easily digestible stream of inspection data inside SAP, that can underpin the holy grail of moving from corrective, to predictive maintenance, and enable truly insightful analytics.

Alongside being simplified, inspection processes are also fully auditable thereby satisfying any compliance or statutory needs (such as HSE). This extends from the initial checks, through to any follow-up corrective actions, improving both on-site safety and regulatory compliance. Enhancing this further is Smart Inspections’ easy work order management, automatic generation of defect notifications during inspections and 360-degree visibility of all associated items and outstanding actions. All of this can be accessed via a simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Smart Inspections is a tool that is revolutionising inspection management inside SAP.  With this tool in place, businesses can become more efficient, productive and cost-effective, as well as reap the benefits associated with high performance and predictive maintenance routines to help eliminate unplanned maintenance.

The challenges in capturing inspection data in SAP

To many, engineering inspections are the cornerstone of Risk Management and Operational Excellence – often with obligations around maintaining critical regulatory compliance. Recording their results in SAP, however, has previously presented issues. In the past this has in part been due to onerous master data requirements and a complex array of screens and processes posing practical challenges – altogether this has resulted in Process Owners looking for ways that demand less time in the system and allow more time on the job.

Many businesses turned to simple, uncontrolled/non-integrated data silos (such as MS Excel, or Access) or have adopted third-party solutions.  This also has inherent challenges. Often, external tools or data stores can be difficult to manage, and often do not synchronise with SAP, which introduces increased Risks (i.e. Safety-Critical or Business Critical), Costs, System Maintenance & Support, as well as potential challenges around auditability, user training, data management and other frequent operational complications.

Smart Inspections is proven to directly address most, if not all, of the above issues. The key points to remember are:

  • Smart Inspections is completely inside SAP – with all the power of SAP & no synchronisition issues
  • Smart Inspections is easy to use with it’s user-focussed cockpit, and 360-degree visibility
  • Smart Inspections simplified structures requires simple/low volume Master Data
  • Smart Inspections can be used on mobile devices, e.g. SAP Asset Manager, & Fiori & API solutions

AG’s webinar: Accelerate your Journey to Asset Management Excellence | Best-in-class Inspection Processes

Do you want to accelerate your journey to Asset Management Excellence? Are you looking for a full end-to-end all-encompassing, out of box inspections solution? How about a solution that sits inside your SAP system that’s accessible to any SAP user; a paperless tool that can provide visibility of your inspections results in SAP in real-time, as your technician enters readings directly in the field?!

Now imagine an inspections solution that could do all this without any 3rd party products required, meaning no more interfacing issues for you to deal with. AG’s Smart Inspections solution does all this – and much more! But don’t just take our word for it - join our LIVE webinar on 10th November.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • How results only need to be entered once, as this is carried out at the point of inspection
  • The way you can gain full end-to-end visibility of results
  • How SAP deals with inspection results, then automatically initiates follow up actions if a result is out of tolerance
  • How you can keep the auditors happy by easily proving your inspections were completed and follow up actions were initiated

To best see how AG’s breakthrough Smart Inspections platform can transform your approach to inspection data recording, join the webinar on 10th November at 14:00 GMT, register here.