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Accelerate your Journey to Asset Management Excellence


Best-in-class Inspection Processes



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Accelerate your Journey to Asset Management Excellence

Do you want to accelerate your journey to Asset Management Excellence? Are you looking for a full end-to-end all-encompassing, out of box inspections solution? How about a solution that sits inside your SAP system that’s accessible to any SAP user; a paperless tool that can provide visibility of your inspections results in SAP in real-time, as your technician enters readings directly in the field?!

Now imagine an inspections solution that could do all this without any 3rd party products required, meaning no more interfacing issues for you to deal with. AG’s Smart Inspections solution does all this – and much more! But don’t just take our word for it - watch our webinar where you’ll see for yourself:

  • How results only need to be entered once, as this is carried out at the point of inspection
  • The way you can gain full end-to-end visibility of results
  • How SAP deals with inspection results, then automatically initiates follow up actions if a result is out of tolerance
  • How you can keep the auditors happy by easily proving your inspections were completed and follow up actions were initiated

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