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Scott Brumby

AG’s EAM Consultant & Ex Inspections Expert Scott has vast experience gained across many industry sectors including Oil and Gas, Power, Utilities and Rail providing Digital Transformation and Consultancy Services. He has worked with many clients such as Centrica Energy, British Gas Power Generation, Hitachi Rail, and Prometheus.

Accelerate your Journey to Asset Management Excellence | Best-in-class Inspection Processes

5 minutes read

AG webinar to showcase Smart Inspections, a revolutionary solution for recording engineering inspection data simply and efficiently in SAP

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Ignite your interest in hazardous equipment inspections

2 minutes read

Electrical equipment designed to be used in potentially hazardous and explosive environments needs to adhere to higher safety standards and undergo more stringent safety assessments than other equipment. This is fundamental for preventing accidental ignition of surrounding gases, leading to potential explosions.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not just the Oil and Gas industry that has hazardous areas requiring such inspections. Pharmaceuticals, Aviation and Aerospace, Petrochemicals and...

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