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Understand how mobile EAM benefits your organisation

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Efficiency gains, improved safety, enhanced performance and cost-savings are just some of the benefits from transitioning your enterprise asset management (EAM) solution to mobile. Join our webinar today at 14:00-14.45 GMT and learn from SAP partners Sigga and AG on how to digitalise your maintenance field force using Sigga’s Mobile Solution for SAP EAM.

Sigga’s Mobile EAM solution distils the cost and safety benefits of an Industry 4.0-connected preventative maintenance tool into portable form.

What is mobile EAM?

Sigga’s Mobile EAM solution delivers plant and equipment monitoring, maintenance and field services management via a mobile application. Your field operatives can access the solution via a variety of devices (e.g. iPads & smartphones) and it can also operate off-line. Data recorded during this time is automatically linked back to your central SAP solution once connectivity is resumed.

The powerful analytical back end of the platform provides your maintenance management team with access to features such as predictive maintenance functionality, real-time asset reports and tracking of task completion. As a result, you can identify equipment on a failure path and fix it before the fault gets serious. This reduces costs, improves safety and minimises downtime. You also have an audit trail to demonstrate compliance.

Organisation-wide visibility of your entire multi-site estate’s maintenance profile provides your business with unique insights into your asset conditions. This can support capital investment decision making, as well as long-term estate-wide maintenance planning. Sigga’s EAM Mobility software is one of only a few solutions capable of offering this to large-scale organisations that need to manage the complexity of multiple sites, employees and assets.

Going through the digital transformation process now with experienced partners Sigga and AG, who have proven solutions and track records of success, will mean you can access new features, such as AI and machine learning, as they emerge.

Futureproof your operation by going mobile

Digitisation will ensure your organisation can survive and compete in the future, but there are challenges. Using Sigga’s SAP EAM Mobility Software as an example, our webinar will explain how you can benefit from the technological advancements offered by Industry 4.0, and the potential costs for organisations that fall behind.

The webinar will explain how to embrace digitisation and the benefits it can bring to both businesses efficiencies and employee satisfaction. A live demo of the Mobility Software will be showcased, you’ll also learn how AG & Sigga’s partnership will provide synergy to your SAP solution and receive detailed insights on how going mobile and digitising can improve your business.

Having attended, users will have their digitisation questions answered and feel ready to embrace the positive change offered by the likes of AI, machine learning and increased connectivity through Industry 4.0.

To join the webinar click the following link: click here