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Virtual support centres enabled by RPA

Virtual support centres driven by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to manage high volume SAP tasks deliver productivity and efficiency gains, enabling human operators to focus on high value interactions. 

Let’s breakdown the aspects of a robot workforce that lead to these benefits.

What is a virtual support centre?

This operates the same as a traditional support centre, but with robot instead of human workers. Whereas previously rows of humans would answer emails and phones, then process requests, an AI-powered robot installed on a company’s network performs the same function.  A layer of human intervention is still present, however, with the robot able to escalate any request that falls outside of its programmed parameters.

The process for requesting support remains the same. Employees send an email outlining what they require, and the robot, just as a human would, analyses the request and decides the best course of action. Over time, it can be trained to process more and more of these requests at the first level, further limiting the need for human intervention in dealing with repetitive, high volume tasks.

The robot can also reply to the user. It recognises their email address and uses a series of checks to determine the most appropriate response. These features can be applied to any business function.

What are the benefits of a virtual support centre?

Free from responding to repeat, high volume requests, such as password resets, first line support centre operatives can focus on added value activities. This improves both overall business efficiencies and the level of internal service a company can offer.

Integrating RPA into SAP business processes also improves the quality of support employees receive. Human error is either significantly reduced or removed entirely, resulting in requests being fulfilled both faster and with much higher accuracy. An additional advantage is overall higher employee satisfaction, which can drive further benefits such as improved retention, improved productivity and reduced time off.

Errors incur costs, meaning that an automated RPA solution to deal with support requests saves businesses money and improves internal service standards. Adding to this saving is the reduction in the number of support staff required to offer an improved level of service.

Do you want to reduce costs, improve quality of service and employee satisfaction? Contact AG now about implementing UiPath’s RPA approach to processing repeat SAP business processes.