The Challenge with SAP Data Management

SAP plays a key role in many organisations, holding key operational data and controlling a substantial amount of business activities. However, running this processes with SAP is not always easy for users who are required to enter large amounts of data and acquire deep system knowledge to make the system operate smoothly. There is significant scope in SAP for simplifying the process of creating and maintaining data to improve efficiency and data quality.

What AG Provides

Here at AG Consultancy we have a strong history of clients that have achieved better usability and data management in SAP using Winshuttle. Our experience with Winshuttle is extensive, and we have the highest number of certified consultants in EMEA outside our partner. We combine our product expertise with deep SAP process and system knowledge and technical knowledge in technologies such as Microsoft Azure, SQL, Sharepoint, VBA, Excel and JavaScript. This improved our ability to develop solutions that meet the needs of users.

Our Approach to Winshuttle

Our experience enables us to develop high quality, agile solutions within short lead times, ensure solutions are delivered efficiently. We can easily identify key process issues and rapidly provide a robust and practical solutions using Winshuttle. Our portfolio of Winshuttle-based tools can be implemented swiftly to ensure your SAP data management receives the best value service. AG Consultancy is a preferred consultancy partner for both general Winshuttle services and complex Winshuttle solution implementations.

Benefits of the AG Solution

  • Rapid Delivery
    Rapid Delivery

    Fast data management.

  • Real World
    Real World

    Easy to scale solutions.

  • Quality Outcomes
    Quality Outcomes

    Higher data quality.

  • Innovation

    Audit and security compliant.

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Case Studies
AG Smart Solution for Master Data

When this large gas and electricity provider struggled to keep maintenance data up-to-date in SAP, they asked AG for help. Previously, any change requests would be directed to a central IT team who would take up to 8 weeks to action the updates. Errors were also typical due to lack of maintenance knowledge.

AG gave engineers control back over their data. Using Winshuttle, they built a form-based solution that incorporated extensive logic and added features, such as SAP user governance. The forms provided an easy-to-use interface for directly updating SAP in real time and catered for many requirements. This hugely improved lead times and data quality while also allowing IT to focus on value-adding tasks.

Automation in SAP

AG worked with Winshuttle to help an Oil & Gas Supermajor replace a legacy production revenue accounting system that was costing $1M to support and yet was not meeting business requirements.

The most complex Winshuttle solution ever built, the AG-Winshuttle robot manages 15 different processes in SAP using intelligent forms with extensive logic built-in to drive complex transactions. The solution, which includes over 100 individual scripts and 2,000 lines of code, also provides a highly usable SAP interface and solid process and data governance eliminating the likelihood of errors. The result was an almost immediate ROI, a streamlined period end and timely reports to the Board.

Data & Process Governance

AG helped a leading cosmetics company to drastically improve the process in SAP responsible for developing new products and promotions. Eight different departments and  000s of items were involved in a disjointed process that saw each team add master data to SAP without sufficient or correct information. This led to errors and multiple stages of corrections.

AG introduced intelligent forms and workflow allowing each department to easily complete their step of the process thanks to a simpler, user-friendly interface and correct and complete information from the stage before. The result was better process governance, data right first time and a much shorter process.

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