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UiPath Test Automation

Achieve your testing goals with our smooth and successful configuration of your UiPath Test Automation Suite.

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Executive Summary

Ready to make testing easier?

UiPath Test Automation utilises the advanced capabilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to elevate and streamline your testing procedures.

At AG, we offer solutions for businesses with complex testing processes to ensure a seamless testing experience. We empower businesses to overcome complex testing challenges to deliver successful products and services.

With our expertise, we make implementing UiPath Test Automation a little easier, freeing testers to delve into the more intricate and innovative aspects of testing.

Contact us to learn about how we address the key challenges faced by growing businesses.

Accelerate Your SAP S/4HANA Migration Journey

UiPath RPA accelerates your S/4HANA migration by automating key phases, reducing timelines, and boosting efficiency.

  • Faster Migration: Automate design, data prep, mapping, and testing for a smoother, swifter transition.
  • Increased Efficiency: Robots free up your team, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Leverage automation post-migration for ongoing operational improvements.

We, as a UiPath Gold Partner, help you drive your digital transformation journey forward through our expert consultancy services. Contact AG to learn more about the efficient integration of UiPath RPA technology with S/4HANA business suite.

Key Features

Automate your testing process with user-friendly and efficient technology.

User-Friendly Visual Interface

Offers an easy-to-use, intuitive, cross-platform visual AI-powered testing interface for effortless test automation, streamlining test case management with automated script generation.

Integration with Popular Tools

Integrates with popular testing frameworks and tools like Selenium, TestNG, and others, allowing you to leverage existing tools while benefiting from UiPath's automation capabilities.

Low-Code/ No-code Options

Caters to users with varying technical backgrounds by offering low-code and no-code options, enabling every type of business to participate in the automation process.

Reporting and Analytics

Provides valuable insights into test execution, enabling you to swiftly monitor the progress of your test cases and generate reports for stakeholders using the reporting and analytics features.

Proven Results

Testing Processes

(% of manual tasks automated)

Component Reuse

(% of components supporting reuse)

Test Cycles

(% reduction in no. of test cycles conducted)

Overhead Costs

(% reduction in overhead costs)

The AG Advantage

Accelerating organisational transformation with intelligent automation!

As a distinguished UiPath Gold Partner, AG offers many advantages and expertise when deploying UiPath Solutions.

We armour you with a unique combination of industry leadership, customised solutions, comprehensive support, strategic partnership, scalability, cost efficiency, continuous improvement, proactive problem-solving, and global reach.

Choose AG as your UiPath Test Automation partner, committed to exceptional results. Our esteemed partnership provides privileged access to UiPath's invaluable resources and unwavering support, ensuring a tailored solution for your specific business needs.


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