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Challenges with RPA

Business processes often involve the need to orchestrate data across multiple systems. However, legacy infrastructure often makes integration difficult, fragile and expensive. Requiring data to be rekeyed from one system to others in order to move processes along. Such activities have a significant cost for your business, impact negatively on employee morale and seem to attract the risk of human error. Thankfully, there is a new and improved solution to this age old problem.


What AG Provide

Here at AG Consultancy, we have deep expertise in RPA consulting, and are regarded as industry leaders in delivering high quality RPA solutions that address specific needs, such as master data creation. Our RPA consulting services consist of industry expertise and extensive knowledge of SAP to provide bespoke improvements to your industry processes. A natural extension for us in this area is UiPath, which provides us with further depth and flexibility to be able to offer pragmatic, innovative and agile services that accelerate the speed and efficiency of your business.


Our Approach to RPA Consulting

We provide an agile, results-driven approach in delivering RPA consulting for your automation projects. We support our clients from business case identification to solution design, consisting of carefully evaluating the business benefits against technical complexities to determine the best course of action for delivering value. Able to assist you throughout your RPA journey, we provide constant support catered to your needs. Our team is built around the idea that technical talent and knowledge of processes are vital in successful robotic process automation. We provide both of these factors consistently across our RPA consulting teams to enable you to achieve the best results for your business.

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Benefits of the AG Solution

Cost Savings

Consistent cost reduction.


Reduced human errors.


Higher employee satisfaction.


Low IT Footprint.

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