How can Smart Inspections transform your business?

AG’s Smart Inspections is an award winning solution for end-to-end management of Engineering Inspections within SAP. Co-designed with engineers and technicians, it provides an intuitive, light-touch interface that makes inspection capturing & management effortless. Implement the SAP certified Smart Inspections solution and accelerate your businesses path to improved regulatory compliance, reduction in critical risks and operational costs.

  • Lower-Risk
    Reduce Risk

    Huge risk reduction for safety critical equipment with easy work order management, active error handling and automatic creation of defect notifications.

  • Quality-Outcomes

    Greater ability to meet legal requirements with a full audit trail, fewer errors and greater compliance through improved technical checks.

  • Cost-Savings
    Lower Cost

    Unlock tangible efficiencies and cost savings by using an industry proven tool designed to help you efficiently record and manage inspection data.

  • Strategic
    Strategic Impact

    Build the foundation for predictive maintenance helping you to reduce maintenance costs, machine failures, downtime and provide operational excellence.

Watch AG Smart Inspections in Action

AG’s very own Smart Inspections solution built on core SAP Plant Maintenance & Quality Management is a ground-breaking, innovative tool designed to support you with the complexities of SAP.

If you're looking for an SAP certified solution that helps you easily plan, execute, analyse & predict inspection data then look no further.

Go Mobile with AG Smart Inspections

AG Smart Inspections - an SAP-certified mobile solution to achieve asset management excellence with SAP Asset Manager and simplify all your mobile engineering inspection needs.

If you're looking for a single solution that can help you improve workplace safety, plant reliability, and refine the inspection recording process - watch these short videos to find out more!

Industries that can benefit from Smart Inspections

  • Oil & Gas-2
    Oil & Gas
  • Utilities-1
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharma

"Smart Inspections has delivered an efficient, comprehensive and structured process for recording and reporting safety-critical equipment inspection data"
Chris Miles, Maintenance Manager
Centrica Storage Limited

Benefits for Our Clients

  • Data Granularity

    Greater Data Granularity for Future Predictive Maintenance

  • Inspection Status

    Easily Check Inspection Status, Conduct Reporting and Trend Analysis

  • Time saving

    No Time Wasted Checking Multiple Systems

  • Reduce Master Data

    Reduced Master Data Overhead

Why Choose Smart Inspections?

Capturing detailed engineering inspections is vital, not just for operational excellence but also for regulatory compliance, audits and more. Traditionally, recording this information in SAP has been prohibitive due to vast master data requirements and a complex, time-consuming interface. AG can bring an innovative inspection recording method to overcome these challenges and pave the way to a transformational predictive maintenance model.

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 Key Features

  • User-Freindly
    User Efficient

    Simple to use UI, co-designed by SAP engineers and experts.

  • Single Screen
    Full Visibility & Reporting

    Download work orders, defect notifications, and corrective actions from a single source.

  • SAP-Expertise-Resized-1
    Integrated with Core SAP

    Built on core SAP Plant Maintenance & Quality Management modules.

  • Single Screen 2.psd-1
    Single Source

    The standard multi-screen SAP process is replaced by a single data-entry screen.

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Videos on Smart Inspections

Introduction to Smart Inspections
Introducing Smart Inspections - AG's revolutionary Gold Award winning SAP add-on designed to manage engineering inspections.
AG Smart Planner - A feature from Smart Inspections
Get a deeper insight into Smart Planner, which is a key signature feature of AG's Smart Inspections tool. Smart Planner can help you revolutionise end to end planning of inspections.
Centrica Storage
Spirit Energy
Case Study
Smarter Inspections for Better Safety

This leading European oil & gas operator did not have a proper system in place for managing safety-critical inspections. These would be recorded on paper, scanned and saved to SAP, which meant it was not possible to report on maintenance data. AG developed a solution to greatly improve usability, making it extremely easy for maintenance engineers to add inspection data to SAP and report on it from one screen. The solution also addresses limitations of standard SAP. For example, it allows the mapping of specific inspection criteria to specific assets, a common requirement for industries with a large number of asset types.