The Challenge with SAP Calibration

Capturing detailed engineering inspections is vital, not just for operational excellence but also for regulatory compliance, audits and more. Traditionally, recording this information in SAP has been prohibitive due to vast master data requirements and a complex, time-consuming interface. AG can bring an innovative inspection recording method to SAP calibration that overcomes these challenges and paves the way to a transformational predictive maintenance model.

What AG Consultancy Provides

AG Smart Inspections is a proven industry solution to SAP calibration that greatly simplifies the task of recording engineering inspections in SAP. Co-designed with engineers and technicians, it provides an intuitive, light touch interface that makes inspection capturing and management effortless. AG Smart Inspections is built on core SAP Plant Maintenance and SAP Quality Management, but without the usability challenges and overhead that is normally associated with these modules. Our methods for SAP Calibration extend your platform while truly transforming your business.

Our Approach to SAP Calibration

AG Smart Inspections is a best of breed solution for efficiently recording detailed engineering inspections in SAP. Using its added smart features, it unlocks some of the highest impact and yet most underutilised areas of SAP Plant Maintenance. AG Smart Inspections is designed to work seamlessly with SAP ECC and S/4 Hana. As an industry proven solution for SAP Calibration, it has been adopted and used by sector leading businesses for over 2 years. AG can provide a comprehensive programme in this area, including implementation, user training as well as help with SAP master data build and cutover.

Benefits of the AG Solution

  • Quality Outcomes
    Quality Outcomes

    Proven ROI and accelerated business performance.

  • Reduced Risk
    Reduced Risk

    Huge risk reduction for Safety Critical equipment.

  • Strategic Impact
    Strategic Impact

    Build the foundations for Predictive Maintenance.

  • Lower Costs
    Lower Costs

    Unlock tangible efficiencies and cost savings.

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Spirit Energy
The Body Shop
Tullow Oil
British Gas
Arm Hammer
Case Studies
Smarter Inspections for Better Safety

This leading European oil & gas operator did not have a proper system in place for managing safety-critical inspections. These would be recorded on paper, scanned and saved to SAP, which meant it was not possible to report on maintenance data. AG developed a solution to greatly improve usability, making it extremely easy for maintenance engineers to add inspection data to SAP and report on it from one screen. The solution also addresses other limitation of standard SAP. For example, it allows the mapping of specific inspection criteria to specific assets, a common requirement for industries with a large number of asset types.

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