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SAP Payment Proposals & Exceptions
AG Automation Solution 

AG's Payment Proposals and Exceptions bot streamlines payment approvals and sorts out exceptions faster and more accurate.

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Executive Summary

Speed up the payment approval process and reduce payment inaccuracies!

At AG, we have developed a unique low-code financial reporting solution for automating and simplifying the SAP financial process. With Artificial Intelligence capabilities, our Payment Proposals and Exceptions bot can process payment proposals as well as identify, rectify, and report payment exceptions.

Executing vendor payment proposals in minutes with simple, faster, and more accurate processing, our innovative solution using RPA technology can repetitively audit, analyse and identify discrepancies to reduce the prominent financial risks faced by businesses.

Contact our SAP experts to save over 1000 work hours per year on the Payment Proposal and Exception Reporting process powered by the RPA technology, which is now available on the SAP Store.

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Delivering New Age Payment Management with Automation

Seeking a swifter vendor payment process while tackling critical issues?

Our solution integrates cutting-edge RPA technology, employing a bot to emulate human actions. This includes navigating systems, querying single or multiple company codes, inputting parameters, and timely progress reporting. It efficiently passes through payment cases needing in-depth analysis, furnishing valuable reports and insights.

How does our bot work?

  • The bot automatically schedules and diligently utilises specified parameters—company codes, payment methods, and frequency—to process transaction details and generate payment proposals.
  • It meticulously checks for errors, compiling a list of Payment Exceptions and accessing the past week's exception logs.
  • Finally, it dispatches a user-friendly formatted report to relevant teams.



AG-designed Bot Automating Payment Proposals and Exceptions Process

The Challenges

Accounts payable teams of companies and financial institutions keep track of invoices and identify exceptions before disbursing the right amount to the right vendor on time. But this process can slow down or stall due to ineffective data capture, invoice mismanagement, an insufficient amount for payment, poor record keeping, and so on. Processing invoices amongst large volumes of them is tedious and time-consuming. If fraudulent invoices are submitted and paid, they also get paid along with legitimate transactions without verification of vendors.



Our Solution

At AG, we have created the Payments and Exceptions Run Proposal bot, powered by advanced RPA technology. This cutting-edge solution streamlines account payables processes, automating them quickly and precisely. By leveraging this technology, payment processing becomes a breeze, significantly reducing the time required to clear payments from almost a month to mere minutes.

Our bot enables you to run payments workflow multiple times a month, ensuring timely payments for large volumes of invoices and effectively handling the accounts payable process and all operations.

With built-in AI capabilities, it brings intelligence to your accounts payable process, effectively handling all operations.

  • It makes payment processing simple, faster and accurate.
  • Meets targets of vendor payments by clearing payments in minutes, which otherwise would require almost a month.
  • The payments workflow can be repeatedly run several times a month.
  • Payments can be made against large volumes of invoices on time.

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Bot Overview

  • Business Process - Finance
  • Category - Account Payables
  • Vendor - AG Consultancy
  • Automation Type: Unattended

Bot Configuration Steps

  • Runs through the list of input parameters
  • Bot logs into SAP software
  • Accesses Payment proposals based on company codes
  • Enters given parameters
  • Runs SAP F110 Proposal
  • Gets payment exceptions
  • Creates payment exception list

Key Features

Eliminating monotonous office work

  • Fully automated financial reporting anytime
  • Fast and effective usage of resources
  • Eliminates routine and mundane invoice processing

Reduces human errors

  • Error-free financial processes
  • Improved efficiencies and turnaround times
  • Maintain high accuracy standards

Bot workflow customised to business-rules.

  • Searches and finds documents based on parameters
  • Checks through documents for consistency in details provided
  • Status of the process reported

Run the bot out of office hours.

  • Manages invoice processing 24/7
  • Provides insight by generating crucial reports anytime
  • Increase in productivity while saving man-hours

Key Benefits

Reduces human-made errors almost to zero

  • Handles data from many invoices with accuracy
  • Eliminates chances of duplicate invoice settlements and overpayments
  • Makes auditing less cumbersome

Increase productivity to get direct ROI

  • Saves up to 1000 man hours per annum (from 2 + FTE's)
  • Automated process even out of normal business hours
  • Ensures faster clearance of payments based on company accounts balance

Eliminating external and internal fraud

  • Better tracking and visibility of invoice processing
  • Derive insights with end-to-end analytics, monitoring, and reporting
  • Ensure strict adherence to accounting processes

Enhance vendor relationships

  • Automated document archival and easy discoverability
  • Workflow repeated based on guided configuration every time
  • Execute vendor payment proposals in minutes with high accuracy

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