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Match Parked Invoices


Product Sheet

Revolutionise the entire invoice process with AG Community Solutions, the efficient and dedicated 3-way invoice matching to manage your voluminous ledger with AG’s Match Parked Invoice automation bot.

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Current Challenges

Many organisations carry out the process of handling voluminous parked documents in a conventional way and can lead to tedious task. Undertaking this mundane process manually for 10's of 1000's of invoices each year in the working hours and editing them several times every week takes up enormous man-hours. With each invoice taking up to 2 mins, the traditional process is fated to be on its way out and replaced with our AG community automation solution.

An AG-designed bot can automate all SAP transactions

AG Community Automations Library V8-1

The Solution

Ideally, organisations spends 4000 hours per year in the repetitive and mundane task of manually matching the invoices. This process is time consuming and takes up all the working hours.

Our AG - designed bot is powered by SAP Build (iRPA) technology to automate the processing of 3-way invoice match functionality. This bot can automatically re-process, match all open parked documents at multiple locations overnight or out of office hours and continuously check the worklist for all required changes, like a dedicated resource. 

The bot can enable oragnisations to use man hours effectively, increase efficiencies, reduces manual errors, have crucial reports ready, and improves the accuracy in no time

Bot overview

  • Business Process - Finance
  • Category - Account Payables
  • Automation Type: Unattended
  • Last Updated - 22-09-2022
  • Support -
  • Version - 1.0.0
  • SKU - AG_UIP_MPI_V1033

Bot Configuration steps

  • Logs into SAP.
  • Enters the given parameters and triggers the proposal.
  • Validates each data of proposals and checks for errors.
  • Reports the status to an authorised user.

Key Features

Schedule AG Bot out of office hours

  • Fully automated financial reports ready
  • Efficient usage of resources
  • Eliminates routine and mundane invoice process

Reduce manual errors

  • Error-free financial processes
  • Improved efficiencies and turnaround times
  • Maintain high accuracy standards

Real-time communication alert

  • Users receive automated alerts
  • Start and end of the process monitored
  • Status of the processes sent to users from time-to-time

Run the bot-automated process over night

  • Keep your invoice process on 24/7
  • Always on to generate crucial reports
  • Increase in productivity while saving man-hours


Real-time business intelligence

  • Manage real-time cash flow
  • Accurate data processing
  • Streamlines financial audits

Minimises errors with automation

  • Automates manual invoice processes
  • Integrates SAP SLA's with RPA
  • Adding a lot more time to your business’s bottom line

Saves up to 90% of the time

  • Attends to high volume of parked invoices
  • Saves 4000 man-hours per year (from 2 + FTE's)
  • 3-way invoice matching from multiple locations

Maintains high accuracy with recurring invoices

  • Processes repeat invoices in no time
  • Maintains high precision with the data extraction process
  • Semantic matching of invoices across documents