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SAP: Ex-Inspections Plus

Revolutionise Inspection Recording & Management in SAP


Product Sheet

Harness the power of SAP system for Ex-Inspections to adopt best-in-class execution, safety, reporting, and continuous monitoring efficiencies with AG’s Ex-Inspections Plus solution.

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Current Challenges

Many SAP clients carry out Ex Inspections using 3rd party products. This can lead to difficulties in terms of accessing Work Management data as well as inefficiency due to the use of multiple IT systems, ultimately hindering the concept of a ‘single source of truth’ and hence affecting better decision-making.  

IT Solutions Landscape without Smart Ex Inspection

AG Ex-Inspections Solution - v6 without Ex

Manual Updates To SAP

  • Corrective action followed by Inspection Failures
  • Adding Work Report/finding
  • Changes to asset register

Inability To Report

  • Difficult to provide accurate inspections reports to HSE
  • No visibility of safety-critical compliance (end-to-end)
  • Inefficient real-time monitoring

Data Integrity

  • Data misalignment
  • Outdated asset register
  • Increased risk of human error
  • Lack of trust from workforce

Safety Concerns

  • Missing critical corrective action on inspection failures
  • Delayed Inspections due to system misalignment

Auditing & Compliance

  • Missing end-to-end audit trails
  • Delays in providing accurate, up-to-date analysis

System Complexities

  • Managing complex interfaces trough system/version upgrades
  • Difficulty in supporting different platforms/solutions


The Solution

AG’s Ex-Inspections Plus Solution is powered by automation and smart technologies and allows to perform Ex-Inspections directly within SAP. The solution comes with IEC 60079 embedded guiding Technicians with the right question for the right type of ATEX equipment. This drives efficiencies, reduce human error, and improves the accuracy of the information.

IT Solutions Landscape with Smart Ex Inspection


Key Features

Manages all types of Inspections

Eg: EX inspections for hazardous area equipment, Safety Critical Inspections & more

Single Source of Truth - SAP

Access all work management information - Master data, documents, transactional data time, date and name stamped history tracking.

Complies with Safety Standards

IEC60079, NEC500/505 & ATEX compliant


Ability to add and remove Equipment and Inspections live from the field

Full Audit Trail

Provides digital auditing ‘paper-trail’ & full traceability of inspections


Multipurpose interactive reports designed to reveal patterns and trends

Audit Defect Creation

Notifications automatically created following an inspection failure or defects.


Manage existing work demands as well as stock and asset data online, offline, or with an intermittent connection


Reduce Risk

With easy work order management, and automatic defect notifications

Improved Reporting

Easily check inspection status, conduct reporting and trend analysis

Reduce System Complexities

Smart Inspections sits within SAP to eliminate synchronisation issues to third party and external systems

Improved Data Integrity

Reduced manual effort and eliminate errors with a single data entry point


Greater ability to meet legal requirements with a full audit trail & improved technical check

Out of the Box

Available immediately, configured to your requirements with rapid implementation