Date: Thursday, 26 March 2020
Time: 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Location: Dial In Webinar
Capturing and storing detailed engineering inspections is important, not just to oversee defects correctly, but also to ensure regulatory compliance. This type of data is seen as critical in enabling game-changing technologies such as predictive maintenance.
Until recently, recording engineering inspections in standard SAP has often been disregarded - despite numerous potential benefits - due to the high overhead and complexity resulting from high volumes of data and an unfriendly user interface, but not anymore.
In this session, we introduce Smart Inspections to you a revolutionary gold award winning SAP add-on by AG - the only SAP partner in the UK recognized for their expertise in Asset Management - for smartly capturing and managing engineering inspections. We’ll also touch on key highlights from our work with Centrica Storage Limited – the SAP Quality Gold award winning Safety Barrier Model project created to manage risks and prevent major accidents.
Built around native SAP functionality, Smart Inspections is an SAP-certified, proven solution developed and field tested in conjunction with a leading, asset-intensive, global energy business.
Find out how you now can:
  • Competently capture in depth engineering inspections in SAP
  • Overcome the usability challenges associated with SAP PM and SAP QM
  • Make engineering inspection management seamless
  • Unravel some of the highest impact areas of SAP Plant Maintenance
  • Pave the way to ground-breaking predictive maintenance.
Experience Smart Inspections’ intuitive, light-touch interface in action. At the end of the session, interact with AG to explore how Smart Inspections can assist in resolving the specific challenges linked with your engineering inspections.



Name: Deepal Ratnayaka

Job Title: Head of EAM

Company: AG



Name: Evan Schulz

Job Title: Sales & Marketing Director

Company: AG


Event Topics: Webinar


Engineering Inspections Made Easy


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