The Challenge with SAP Enterprise Asset Management

Optimising the build and maintenance of complex physical assets, such as plants and heavy equipment, can be highly complex and challenging. Building strong foundations and best practices in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and leveraging innovative, next generation technologies are now essential prerequisites for not only thriving in the digital era, but also surviving.

Expert AG SAP EAM Solutions

AG is a leading specialist in SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), employing the highest concentration of expert SAP EAM consultants in the UK. These include specialists in SAP Project Systems (PS), SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) and SAP Materials Management (MM). But SAP specialism is just the beginning with AG. Many of our EAM consultants have a deep industry background, enabling us to speak your language, understand practical challenges and invent pragmatic, fit-for-purpose solutions.

Our Approach

Here at AG, we make use of our collective strengths to deliver value. Our team of specialist Senior SAP EAM Consultants will work with you to understand your enterprise management needs, challenges and priorities. At the same, we also collaborate internally to pool our collective experience, skills and knowledge of best practice across different disciplines and sectors to achieve the best results for your business.

Our impressive track record in SAP Enterprise Asset Management spans all aspects, from delivering SAP technical solutions to driving data quality or empowering the business with ‘fit for purpose’ analytics. These factors contribute to best of breed SAP EAM solutions, resulting in better risk management, optimised costs and compliance surety when it comes to enterprise management.


Plant Maintenance

More and more organisations are recognising the value of good Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Increased performance, better reliability, higher ROI and increased competitiveness are only some of its benefits. The challenge is realising its value as quickly as possible by employing industry best practice and methodologies associated with good EAM.

AG prides itself on having some of the most experienced Plant Maintenance consultants in the UK today, with over 100 years of combined experience across business sectors. This expertise, coupled with strong knowledge of industry standards and how to apply them, fully supports you in evaluating and recommending improvements to master data, business processes and reporting, so you can now maximise the benefits from EAM with confidence.

Maintenance Excellence | Smart Inspections

Materials Management

Material Management

Developing robust systems and business practices in Procurement and Materials Management can be beneficial to most businesses. However, while the need to improve in this area is often clear – take for example excess stock, the absence of volume discounts or frequent operational delays - taking action that addresses the problem at its root without creating new issues elsewhere can be challenging.

At AG we are not purely technologists, we are solution engineers. What this means is that we are concerned with and understand the bigger picture, ensuring that our solutions address key business problems. We have extensive industry experience in solving Supply Chain and Inventory Management real-world challenges. We combine this knowledge with deep SAP expertise to create high quality, practical and effective solutions.

Project Systems

Project Systems

In most organisations, there is a need for a strong and reliable framework for managing projects to reduce process inefficiencies, reduce risk and increase visibility and transparency. By far the biggest challenge in Project Systems for Enterprise Asset Management is the need to closely integrate across multiple business and sometime complex specialist areas.

AG have deep expertise across SAP’s functional areas, from Project Systems to Investment Management, offering the full scope of integration with EAM Project Systems, from core SAP to highly complex specialist areas. AG helps you to define or refine business and systems processes that truly drive project Excellence.

Benefits of the AG Solution

  • User Friendly
    User Friendly

    Reduce costs with a user friendly interface.

  • Minimum Risk
    Minimum Risk

    Improve visibility of how your assets are managed.

  • Quality Outcomes
    Quality Outcomes

    Embed industry best practice in SAP.

  • Reduce TCO
    Reduce TCO

    Optimise maintenance and decrease TCO.

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Case Studies
Maintenance Excellence (EAM)

When this leading independent exploration and production (E&P) company embarked on a 4-year journey to set new standards in safety-critical maintenance, they chose AG as their SAP implementation partner.

AG developed the SAP design, defined the standards in SAP of huge amounts of complex maintenance data and carried out all data remediation activity. The work allowed the company to achieve IT processes and data in SAP that were fully aligned to their business and industry best practice – such as ISO 14224. While their Maintenance Excellence Programme is not yet complete, with the help of AG they are fast realising a fully structured, preventative and predictive approach to maintenance management.

AG Smart Solution for SAP PM Data

When this large gas and electricity provider struggled to keep maintenance data up-to-date in SAP, they asked AG for help. Previously, any change requests would be directed to a central IT team who would take up to 8 weeks to action the updates. Errors were also typical due to lack of maintenance knowledge.

AG gave engineers control back over their data. Using Winshuttle, they built a form-based solution that incorporated extensive logic and added features, such as SAP user governance. The forms provided an easy-to-use interface for directly updating SAP in real time and catered for many requirements. This hugely improved lead times and data quality while also allowing IT to focus on value-adding tasks.

AG Smart Automation Replaces BPO

AG helped this major UK energy provider to significantly improve the process for creating Project Accounting master data in SAP. The company was experiencing long delays and data quality issues due to shared ownership, knowledge gaps and insufficient system and process governance.

In fact, while Finance would provide project figures, it was the task of an off-shore team, who had the SAP knowledge, to enter data in the system. Using Winshuttle, AG developed a smart, user-friendly interface that allowed Finance to directly input project data into SAP easily, in real time and without error. This eliminated the need for the off-shore overhead while improving data governance and quality.

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