The Challenge with Data Standards

The value of data has been growing steadily for many years, with good data standards now being recognised as a strategic asset by all successful companies. However, not all data is useful, and flawed or inconsistent data can be highly misleading and may impair business operations, decision making and insight of company management. Business can solve this problem by following a consistent approach to improving data standards across functions. This can only be possible by establishing a clear and fit for purpose data standards policy.

What AG Consultancy Provides

Here at AG we bridge the gap between business and IT by understanding business requirements and converting them into bespoke data standards. We then develop user-facing or integration tools that embed governance into the use of those standards. Data standards can also be made available to business users as a frame of reference when managing or inserting SAP data or to another target system.

Our Approach to Data Standards

Gaining a consensus across a wider stakeholder group can often be a challenge, so our expert team typically start by engaging the Project Leads within your business to define and establish a high level frame of reference, such as adherence to industry standards. Then, our expert consultants with work closely with your internal business process experts to gather the relevant business side information to ensure that all key business processes and scenarios are adequately catered for. We work together to develop and agree upon comprehensive and detailed data standard policies, right down to the details of individual data fields.

Some system review will be needed to ensure that all system configuration and pre-defined values, master data object field data and business process data are factored in. A few weeks into our consulting, we present the outcomes back to the Project Leads and start to think about next steps, after all defining data standards is essential to getting the foundations right. We would invariably be invited to carry out some initial impact assessment and recommendation for potential remediation of legacy data, along with potential tooling and automation options to embed robust data governance practices when going forward. High quality data standards are the building block from which the strategic, business benefits of data can become a reality.

Benefits of the AG Solution

  • User Friendly
    User Friendly

    Provides a term of reference.

  • Better Governance
    Better Governance

    Consistent approach to data entry.

  • Quality Outcomes
    Quality Outcomes

    Improved data quality.

  • Better Insights
    Better Insights

    Stronger reporting capabilities.

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Case Studies
Maintenance Excellence (EAM) – SAP Data Standards

When this leading independent exploration and production (E&P) company embarked on a 4-year journey to set new standards in safety-critical maintenance, they chose AG as their SAP implementation partner.

AG developed the SAP design, defined the standards in SAP of huge amounts of complex maintenance data and carried out all data remediation activity. The work allowed the company to achieve IT processes and data in SAP that were fully aligned to their business and industry best practice – such as ISO 14224. While their Maintenance Excellence Programme is not yet complete, with the help of AG they are fast realising a fully structured, preventative and predictive approach to maintenance management.

AG Smart Solution for SAP PM Data

When this international energy company was formed by separating all fossil fuel assets from its parent, they decided not only to keep a smart solution previously developed by AG, but they called upon the same consultancy to develop it further. The original solution used Winshuttle forms together with extensive logic and smart features to simplify the updating of their maintenance master data in SAP.

Th solution was not only updated to meet new technical and business requirements, but it was invested in further by developing its technical design and usability. As the new team highly valued the AG solution, they decided to extend its footprint when the opportunity arose.

AG Smart Automation Replaces BPO

AG helped this major UK energy provider to significantly improve the process for creating Project Accounting master data in SAP. The company was experiencing long delays and data quality issues due to shared ownership, knowledge gaps and insufficient system and process governance.

In fact, while Finance would provide project figures, it was the task of an off-shore team, who had the SAP knowledge, to enter data in the system. Using Winshuttle, AG developed a smart, user-friendly interface that allowed Finance to directly input project data into SAP easily, in real time and without error. This eliminated the need for the off-shore overhead while improving data governance and quality.

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