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SAP Data Standards

Improved Data Quality, Insight & Performance via Data Standards


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The challenge with Data Standards

The value of data has been growing steadily for many years, with good data standards now being recognised as a strategic asset by all successful companies. However, not all data is useful, and flawed or inconsistent data can be highly misleading and may impair business operations, decision making and insight of company management.

Businesses can solve this problem by following a consistent approach to improving data standards across functions. This can only be possible by establishing a clear and fit for purpose data standards policy.


What AG Consultancy provides

Here at AG we bridge the gap between business and IT by understanding business requirements and converting them into bespoke data standards. We then develop user-facing or integration tools that embed governance into the use of those standards. Data standards can also be made available to business users as a frame of reference when managing or inserting SAP data or to another target system.


Our approach to Data Standards

Gaining a consensus across a wider stakeholder group can often be a challenge, so our expert team typically start by engaging the Project Leads within your business to define and establish a high-level frame of reference, such as adherence to industry standards. Then, our expert consultants with work closely with your internal business process experts to gather the relevant business side information to ensure that all key business processes and scenarios are adequately catered for. We work together to develop and agree upon comprehensive and detailed data standard policies, right down to the details of individual data fields.

Some system review will be needed to ensure that all system configuration and pre-defined values, master data object field data and business process data are factored in. A few weeks into our consulting, we present the outcomes back to the Project Leads and start to think about the next steps, after all, defining data standards is essential to getting the foundations right.

We would invariably be invited to carry out some initial impact assessment and recommendation for potential remediation of legacy data, along with potential tooling and automation options to embed robust data governance practices when going forward. High-quality data standards are the building block from which the strategic, business benefits of data can become a reality.

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Solution Benefits

User Friendly

Provides a term of reference.

Better Governance

Consistent approach to data entry.

Quality Outcomes

Improved data quality.

Better Insights

Stronger reporting capabilities.

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