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SAP Customer Open Items Clearing

AG Automation Solution

Our pre-built RPA bot is designed to make your complex financial processes simple and easy. 

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Executive Summary

Making the financial auditing process hassle-free!

The rapid integration of digitalisation and AI-driven automation in financial services has significantly elevated business operations. AG's AI-enabled bots are tailored to augment SAP ERP functionalities for businesses across varying scales.

AG's bot for financial in-month clearing process powered by automation can keep all records up-to-date and transparent.

This integration of automation in financial processes not only ensures scalability but also positions enterprises to capitalise on growth opportunities.

What makes AG bots unique?

  • Our AI-driven bots excel in empowering in-month clearing processes and maintaining accurate financial records.This is achieved through real-time automation and the seamless execution of repetitive tasks.
  • Specifically designed for businesses, the in-month financial clearing bot efficiently navigates through multiple company codes and associated accounts, swiftly clearing balances.
  • Following the creation of balances, the bot categorizes them into cleared and non-cleared, generating a comprehensive report that is delivered to the authorized user at scheduled intervals.
This streamlined approach ensures precision and efficiency in financial management, making it an ideal solution for business owners and decision-makers seeking SAP automation solutions.

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Streamline and automate your SAP In-month clearing process with AG and save over 500 manhours annually. Our  smart bot for in-month clearing powered by RPA is now available on the SAP store.

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An AG-designed Bot Efficiently Automating Balance Clearing Process

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The Solution

At AG, we have developed an open items clearing bot powered by RPA technology that automates regular monthly end processes for finance departments. It clears the current month's balance line items for multiple accounts and company codes as simple, faster, and more accurate. It creates formatted user-friendly summary reports in minutes, which otherwise would require almost a day for a business user.

With this bot, clearing can be repeatedly run several times a month and get a clear view of the balance information of GL accounts on time. With built-in AI capabilities, the bot provides intelligence to the finance team and handles all operations effectively.

Bot Overview

  • Business Process - Finance
  • Category - GL accounting
  • Vendor - AG Consultancy
  • Automation Type: Unattended  

Bot Configuration steps

  • Runs through the list of company codes and GL accounts.
  • Logs into SAP
  • Clears Current Month Line Items
  • Matches Sub-Totals
  • Performs Summary Report
  • Sends report to recipients 

Key Features

Eliminating monotonous office work

  • Fully automated financial reporting anytime
  • Fast and effective usage of resources
  • Eliminates routine and mundane invoice processing

Reduces human errors

  • Error-free financial processes
  • Improved efficiencies and turnaround times
  • Maintain high accuracy standards

Bot workflow customised to business-rules.

  • Searches and finds documents based on parameters
  • Checks through documents for consistency in details provided
  • Status of the process reported

Run the bot out of office hours.

  • Manages invoice processing 24/7
  • Provides insight by generating crucial reports anytime
  • Increase in productivity while saving man-hours

Key Benefits

Direct ROI (Insight-Driven Investment Decisions)

  • Saves up to 500+ man hours per annum (from 1 + FTE's)
  • Automated process even out of normal business hours
  • Ensures faster clearance of payments based on company accounts balance

Creates Central Repository for Clearing Monthly Balances

  • Reports are stored in shared location for common access
  • Relevant business users and leads are notified

Reduces Human-Made Errors Almost to Zero

  • Handles data from many company code & GL accounts with accuracy
  • Eliminates chances of incorrect balance settlements and overpayments
  • Makes auditing less cumbersome

Transparency and Visibility

  • Better tracking and visibility of balance statement
  • Derive insights with end-to-end analytics, monitoring, and reporting
  • Ensure strict adherence to finance processes

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