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UiPath Marketplace Process Automation


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UiPath Marketplace: AG's Gateway to Streamlined Automation!

AG's expertise in tapping UiPath Marketplace, a go-to resource for your automation needs...

At AG, we have developed cutting-edge Process Automation solutions with UiPath Marketplace to help you explore a wide range of ready-to-use automation workflows and components across different industries and functions, such as finance, HR, healthcare, IT, and more. These resources can be downloaded and integrated into your environment, saving time and effort in building automation solutions from scratch.

UiPath Marketplace serves as an ecosystem for developers to showcase their creations, contributing to the community by sharing their expertise and solutions to foster collaboration, accelerating the development of automation projects, and promoting innovation within your business landscape.

We deliver robust, efficient, and scalable process automation solutions by tapping into the Marketplace's extensive offerings, utilising its diverse range of pre-built components and workflows to craft bespoke automation solutions.

Accelerating business processes with automated business processing

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UiPath RPA Automation

Enables the creation of automated workflows that mimic human actions to streamline, optimise business processes, and reduce errors by employing software robots.

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UiPath Document Understanding

Leverages AI and machine learning to extract data insights from unstructured documents for efficiency in data processing and decision-making.

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UiPath Action Centre

Provides a collaborative platform for managing exceptions and handling human intervention in automated workflows to review, validate, and take action during the automation process.

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UiPath Test Automation

Facilitates the creation and execution of automated tests enabling testers to automate test cases, perform regression testing, and ensuring quality and reliability of software products.

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UiPath AI Centre

Integrates artificial intelligence capabilities into automation workflows, enhancing the intelligence and decision-making capabilities of RPA solutions.

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UiPath Automation Hub

Serves as a centralised platform for managing, sharing, and scaling automation ideas and initiatives within an organisation fostering collaboration among teams.

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Key Benefits

Diverse Repository

Access to a vast collection of pre-built automation solutions, workflows, and components.

Innovation Hub

Continual updates and new offerings fostering innovation within RPA.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous vetting process ensuring high-quality ready-to-use solutions.

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