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SAP Fiori Analytics

SAP Fiori Analytics is a component of the SAP Fiori user experience design approach, which aims to provide a consistent and intuitive user interface for SAP applications.

SAP Fiori Analytics focuses on delivering data visualisations, insights, and business intelligence capabilities to users in a user-friendly and responsive manner, thereby enabling users to access, analyse, and make informed decisions based on data from various sources within the organisation's SAP landscape.

The product offering includes the latest solutions from SAP and AG's own inventions to complement SAP Solutions.

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Key Benefits

SAP Fiori Analytics aims to enhance the user experience by providing a modern and intuitive way to interact with data and gain insights. SAP Fiori Analytics offers several benefits that enhance the user experience and drive better decision-making through intuitive data visualisation and analytics capabilities.

Here are some of the key benefits:

Improved User Adoption

The user-friendly interface and enhanced usability of Fiori Analytics encourage user adoption, making it easier to engage with data and analytics tools.

Data Governance and Security

Fiori Analytics adheres to data governance and security standards, ensuring that data is accessed and shared in a controlled and compliant manner.

Seamless Integration

Fiori Analytics applications integrate with various SAP systems and data sources, ensuring that users can access insights from across the organisation.

KPI Monitoring

Users can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time, enabling proactive actions and timely adjustments to business strategies.

Real-Time Data Access

It provides access to real-time or near-real-time data from various SAP sources, enabling users to make timely decisions with the latest information.

User-Centric Design

Fiori Analytics applications follow a user-centric design approach, providing a modern and intuitive interface that enhances user engagement and satisfaction.

Key Features

SAP Fiori Analytics offers a range of features designed to provide users with intuitive and interactive data visualisations, insights, and analytics capabilities. These features aim to enhance the user experience and enable more informed decision-making.

Here are some key features of SAP Fiori Analytics:

Data Visualisations

Fiori Analytics offers a variety of data visualisations, such as charts, graphs, tables, and maps, making it easier for users to interpret data trends and patterns.

Predictive Analytics

Some Fiori Analytics applications integrate with SAP's predictive analytics capabilities, enabling users to make data-driven predictions and forecasts.

Smart Insights

AI-powered smart insights highlight significant data points, anomalies, and trends in visualisations, guiding users' attention to important information.

Advanced Analytics Integration

Fiori Analytics applications can integrate with SAP Analytics Cloud, a more advanced analytics platform, for more complex data analysis and modeling.

Interactive Dashboards:

Users can create customisable dashboards that display multiple visualisations together, allowing them to monitor key metrics and KPIs in a single view.

Role-Based Access

Users see relevant data based on their roles and responsibilities, ensuring that they receive insights aligned with their tasks and objectives.

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