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SAP Asset Intelligent Network (AIN)


All your Asset Information in the Cloud
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For most organisations who are managing different assets to keep their plants operational, timely maintenance is essential to ensure the plant’s equipment and machinery is working at an optimum level. Maintenance can be a difficult challenge due to many diverse systems, particularly when asset information is not up-to-date or centralised.
The SAP Asset Intelligence Network offers a common, cloud-based network platform for all participants in a plant ecosystem - such as operators, manufacturers and providers of technical services, to provide a single platform to store information which is available to all stakeholders. Plant performance is optimised throughout the entire life cycle and to establish cooperation within the plant network to improve service and maintenance processes - all with the help of cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) technology.


With AG’s in-depth knowledge and experience across multiple industry sectors, we can advise on industry best-practice and will help you implement the solution into your system, assisting you with setting up the correct connections between your organisation, manufacturers, suppliers and other 3rd parties.

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Key Features

Standardise Equipment Management

Your equipment management can be standardised by using updated equipment master data and spare parts information which is available from the network

Streamlined Maintenance

Streamline maintenance through access to the latest task lists and service bulletins on maintenance strategies provided by manufacturers or suppliers

Achieve Collaborative Design and Execution

Achieve collaborative design and execution for complex installation or maintenance procedures

Collaborative Network Services

Establish collaborative network services for managing equipment, collecting asset performance analysis and feedback allowing usage-based design enhancement


Increased Asset Data Quality

World-class product data management

Simplify Collaborative Asset Management

Storage of shared metadata across the network

Connect, Collaborate & Share

Connection to a central hub for easy access

Complete Asset Information

Complete asset information for fewer maintenance problems

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