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Pioneering Energy Company Optimises PO Closure with RPA

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"Thanks to AG’s automation solutions, wehave greater financial accuracy and much happier, more productive employees!"

- People & Process Transformation Lead



The company needed to tackle a massive backlog of open Purchase Orders, some dating back nearly 10 years. However, the task was daunting, time-consuming and labour-intensive. It required validating and closing each line item, qualifying the criteria - all taking in excess of 1,500 man-hours per year to process the PO Items and to manually close them out in SAP. They were keen to improve this cumbersome, manual process and automate it to significantly reduce the excessive time their accounting teams were spending.



This ‘Use Case’ was identified as a great opportunity to drive efficiency improvements through Automation using UiPath RPA. Following a detailed review of the business rules and logic to be applied, AG delivered a solution where the robot understood the type of PO, applied all business logic to validate if the PO can be closed, then created a list of all open purchase orders.



  • 1200 hours saved per year
  • 16 unique steps automated as a background process
  • Elimination of errors and duplication
  • Robot runs PO Closure through BAPIs in the background

Using UiPath RPA to automate this process (and numerous others across Month-End), AG have helped to greatly improve the efficacy and timeliness of the Financial Close. In so doing this initiative has enabled the Finance team to significantly reduce workload at peak times, to minimise issues, thereby affording more time to focus on greater value-add and strategic work.


"AG has helped our organisation transform repetitive financial processes and changed the focus of our work - all for the better!"

- People & Process Transformation Lead


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