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PO Closure Automation


Product Sheet

Transforming the purchase order closure process with AG Community Solutions by automating and simplifying SAP financial processing. A better-streamlined process can enhance efficiency and accuracy in PO management.

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Current Challenges

Do you have a high number of overdue Purchase Order items awaiting approvals? It means that purchase orders are not being processed in time. Under such circumstances, customers will not receive order confirmations on time. Subsequently, as in the dominos effect, this would create a gap in your product planning cycle without the correct estimate of products you have to deliver at a point in time. The fallout of a mismanaged Procure to Pay process can seriously hamper customer relations and affect the business in multiple ways. But this problem can be solved and risks avoided by implementing an effective monitoring system.

An AG-designed bot can automate all SAP transactions

PO Closure

Key Features

Scheduled Bot workflow

  • Triggers workflow based on a set schedule
  • Extracts list of POs and checks for closure based on given logic
  • Reports on the status of the workflow

Automated process reduces cost by up to 40%

  • Closes material POs, Service POs and Stock transfer orders
  • Whole process runs on business logic
  • Sends summary reports of Closed POs and Exceptions

Maintains an up-to-date ledger

  • Undertakes repetitive auditing tasks
  • Applies business logic to validate PO closure
  • Helps to focus on higher-value tasks

Enhaces data accuracy

  • Bot implements validation rules to ensure accuracy
  • Establish clear data governance procedures to maintain high accuracy
  • Assists in prioritizing core tasks with ease

The Solution

At AG, we have developed The PO Closure bot powered by SAP Build (iRPA) solutions that automate regular business processes for material management and financial accounting. The Procure to Pay process runs on an automation framework configured to work within business rules based on the requirements. It can optimise and speed up business processes. Once automated, the process runs based on the planning made by an enterprise's material management and financial accounting department. An automation bot can create a faster approval and closure process by eliminating discrepancies from mistakes on paper or excel spreadsheets, wrong entries, and any mismatch of details in emails and records. The bot can check all the assigned parameters to work on and then automatically closes Material POs, Service POs, and Stock Transfer Orders on meeting key triggers.

Bot configuration steps

  • Bot logs into SAP
  • Runs SAP PO reports
  • Checks all PO types
  • Apply business rules
  • Creates closed PO list
  • Creates summary reports with exceptions

Bot overview

  • Business Process - Finance
  • Category - Account Payables
  • Automation Type: Unattended 


Saves 2000 hours of work every year

  • Helps to plan the purchases ahead of time
  • Speeds up the overall procurement process
  • Efficient handling of massive backlog of open POs

Transparency in business process

  • High visibility of the whole procurement process in one place
  • Better tracking of purchase orders provides better control of the process
  • Deters rogue spending

100 percent accuracy in work

  • Better document management with zero percent duplication of work
  • Handles multiple purchase requests making the approval and closure process faster
  • Streamlines activities for efficient handling

Minimum deployment time

  • Implements continuous integration to ensure faster deployment
  • Streamline communication and collaboration to avoid delays
  • Detect and troubleshoot issues on the go