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Webinar Recording

Managing mobile Inspections? Using SAP? Think Smart! Think AG Smart Inspections




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Managing mobile Inspections? Using SAP? Think Smart! Think AG Smart Inspections

Watch our webinar recording where you’ll learn how to achieve asset management excellence by implementing AG's Smart Inspections – an SAP mobile solution for managing site inspections. See how Smart Inspections will help you:
  • Gain better understanding of the information from your inspections to help you refine your maintenance strategies
  • Achieve compliance for your regulatory items in an easier and more efficient manner

Discover how your organisation can improve employee and workplace safety and plant reliability - as well as refining the inspection recording process - to overcome challenges through implementing AG’s Smart Inspections.

By watching this webinar recording, you will:
  • See how a single solution handles of all your engineering inspection needs
  • Get a look inside Smart Inspections mobile, powered by SAP’s next generation mobile solution, Asset Manager
  • Explore how to use Smart Inspections to make your technician’s life easier in the field by providing access to information for carrying out inspections, checks and calibrations – even when there’s no connectivity (offline mode)
  • Discover what a typical workflow looks like through the eyes of a Scheduler, Technician, Gatekeeper and Planner for the life of a routine Inspection Work Order
  • See how simple it is to view the inspection results as figures and graphs for various pieces of equipment, as well as viewing results over a range of timescales


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