The Challenge with SAP BPM

SAP has been refined over decades to become the leader in enterprise business process management software. It embraces and embed industry best practices to facilitate process integration, security and legal compliance. However, when used to implement process workflows that span across business operations, it is often regarded as tiring, time consuming and ineffective for all requirements.

What AG Provides

Experts in SAP business process management, we have extended our skills and knowledge to provide efficient workflow and business process solutions. In fact, while there are a number of workflow tools currently available on the market, they are often generic or incompatible with SAP. We combine our industry expertise with our partnerships in this area to deliver high quality, industry leading SAM BPM solutions.

Our Approach to SAP BPM

We engage in SAP business process management initiatives, always placing both your business’ and SAP BPM requirements at the centre of our focus. Our deep expertise in both business and SAP allows us to design business management processes that are rooted in your industry requirements, while still being able to extend beyond your core systems and organisation. At AG, we understand that SAP business process management will evolve over time, so we follow an agile approach from the get go, from the initial prototyping through to the end stages of the project. Our SAP BPM designs are scalable and independently sustainable with future proofing elements built in from the start.

Benefits of the AG Solution

  • Automation

    End to end business process automation.

  • Governance

    Better data quality across the enterprise.

  • Scalability

    Flexible and scalable enterprise grade solutions.

  • ROI

    Direct and indirect cost savings for rapid ROI.

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Case Studies
SAP Process Governance (Forms & Workflow)

AG helped a leading cosmetics and skincare company to drastically improve the process in SAP responsible for the development of new products and promotions. Eight different departments and  thousands of items were involved in a disjointed process that saw each team add master data to SAP without sufficient or correct information. This led to errors and multiple stages of corrections.

AG introduced intelligent forms and workflow allowing each department to easily complete their step of the process thanks to a simpler, user-friendly interface and correct and complete information from the stage before. The result was better process governance, data right first time and a much shorter process.

AG Smart Solution for Master Data

AG helped an oil & gas supermajor with one of the most complex SAP landscapes in the world to improve customer master data synchronisation across multiple IT systems.

The challenge was to extend and enhance the existing solution so that it could cope with complex business scenarios, different statutory requirements and 60+ SAP instances across 70 countries. The solution also needed to be able to handle different types of updates, from bulk uploads to individual and mass changes. The result was a robust, yet easy to use and maintain solution for global customer data integrity and accuracy that could be easily rolled out to other countries.

AG Smart Automation Replaces BPO

AG helped this major UK energy provider to significantly improve the process for creating Project Accounting master data in SAP. The company was experiencing long delays and data quality issues due to shared ownership, knowledge gaps and insufficient system and process governance.

In fact, while Finance would provide project figures, it was the task of an off-shore team, who had the SAP knowledge, to enter data in the system. Using Winshuttle, AG developed a smart, user-friendly interface that allowed Finance to directly input project data into SAP easily, in real time and without error. This eliminated the need for the off-shore overhead while improving data governance and quality.

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